Freshman’s Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic Spirit Finds Home at HPU

HPU High Point University Beyond Sport Tony BlairNetworking with business leaders, meeting former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and working with the New York Yankees are just a few of the accomplishments incoming freshman Corinne Eckert already has under her belt.

Now, she’s continuing her journey toward excellence at High Point University.

“I don’t know exactly what hit me first, but the combination of the beautiful campus, amiable people and wide range of studies struck me as the place I wanted to be. Then, once my family and I heard Dr. Qubein speak, we were sold,” says Eckert.

Eckert says she found the perfect home away from home for her drive and big dreams at HPU. She already selected an “Individualized Major” to begin her HPU career, planning to combine music, film, media, entertainment and marketing.

“I know it is a handful, but I thrive on challenge,” explains Eckert. “I am really looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life. To me, college symbolizes the beginning of adulthood, where I choose and pursue my interests, get a taste of the occupational world, live on my own and meet many new people from around the world. I am excited for these upcoming years and I could not be happier to experience them at HPU!”

Eckert is from Glen Ridge, N.J. and a member of the Beyond Sport New York Young Advisory Panel, a select group of young people selected because of their work to change the world through sports. They are given the opportunity to attend international events and network with top sport and business leaders.

“I met with Beyond Sport every few months and they presented me with the chance to attend their annual Tony Blair Breakfast in which 25 invitees gather to speak about certain topics surrounding Beyond Sport’s international reach,” says Eckert. “Being awarded this opportunity was extremely life-changing, not only for meeting Tony Blair and receiving expert advice, but also for being able to network with owners and vice presidents of huge sports teams, including the New York Yankees, who I look forward to working with in the future.”

Eckert didn’t waste the opportunity. She is already working with the Yankees on developing a baseball program for the developmentally disabled at Yankee Stadium.

“As of now, we are still in the technical planning, contacting and scheduling stages of these ideas, but hopefully they will come to life within the next year or so,” says Eckert.

Eckert’s road to success started when she volunteered her time with the New Jersey Dare Devils, an ice hockey program for the developmentally disabled. She spent two hours a week working with the athletes on their skating and stick-handling skills to prepare them to play against other special hockey teams.

“I was skeptical at first, thinking it was going to be more of an obligation than something I wanted to do, but after the first practice I attended, I immediately fell in love with the organization,” she says.

Eckert’s leadership with the Dare Devils inspired the organization to nominate her for the Beyond Sport Youth Advisory Panel, and she has been an extraordinary ambassador for the program ever since.

Eckert says she is confident HPU is the place for her to grow in knowledge and experience. She expects to do great things in her future, and HPU is the place to get her there.

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