A Focus on Service: HPU Brings Bonner Program to Campus

HPU High Point University Bonner Program
HPU High Point University Bonner Program

Pictured are the first Bonner Leaders at High Point University. In the top row, from left to right, are Molly House, DuChante Davis and Alison Hansen. In the bottom row, from left to right, are Briayna Cuffie, Ashlyn Henning and Christine Hamrick.

HIGH POINT, N.C., Sept. 30, 2013 – A national service program that has made its way to High Point University will benefit three community agencies this year.

The Bonner Leader Program began at HPU this fall with six students – seniors Alison Hansen and Christine Hamrick, and juniors Briayna Cuffie, DuChante Davis, Ashlyn Henning and Molly House. As Bonner Leaders, the students each will commit 300 hours of community service at selected sites where they act as volunteer coordinators.

They’ve paired up and selected three sites where they will focus their energy this year. Davis and Henning are serving West End Ministries; House and Hamrick are serving Learning Together at the Macedonia Resource Center; and Cuffie and Hansen are serving HPU’s new Community Writing Center.

The students will act as volunteer coordinators as well as contribute to the organization’s events and causes.

“My role will be to go into the local high schools and tell our youth about service opportunities at West End,” says Davis, an education major. “This organization has students who want to work for it, but we are learning to place volunteers in roles they enjoy to retain them. There isn’t a full-time person who does this at West End right now.”

The Bonner Leader Program was created by the Bonner Foundation and designed to deepen community engagement in higher education. HPU is one of a few dozen campuses across the country to be selected as a Bonner site. It benefits the community by offering skills and assistance at no cost to community organizations, but it also benefits students by providing them with leadership and professional development opportunities, says Dr. Joseph Blosser, the Robert G. Culp Jr. Director of Service Learning, who oversees the Bonner program at HPU.

“Whatever their field, we believe our students have something to contribute to the community,” says Blosser. “From business and communication to interior design, there’s a need for their skills, along with professional development opportunities waiting for them. The Bonner program connects our students with those opportunities, which enhances the community and makes them more prepared for the work place.”

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