Professor Publishes Book Chapter on War, Economy and Presidential Elections

Jerry Fox High Point University Business

HIGH POINT, N.C., Oct. 1, 2013 – Dr. Jerry Fox, associate professor of economics at High Point University, recently published a chapter in the book, “War: Global Assessment, Public Attitudes and Psychological Effects,” which discusses some interconnections between war, public sentiment and the economy.

Fox’s chapter, “War Casualties, Macroeconomic Time Inconsistency, and the Presidential Vote,” examines the influence of war casualties and the economy upon presidential election outcomes in the post-WWII era. He addresses the Korean, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars and their effects on presidential elections, in addition to the influence of economic factors such as unemployment and GDP growth.

“My research relating to this subject often becomes a topic of discussion in my macroeconomics and international economics courses,” says Fox, professor in HPU’s Phillips School of Business. “This paper is the most recent work in my ongoing research on the political macroeconomy.”

Other topics covered in the book include post-traumatic stress disorder, the economic challenges of Germany during World War I, cultural rememoration of the Spanish Civil War and extreme violence and war in urban settings.

The book is available online at

Fox will also share his expertise in a book for Business Expert Press titled “U.S. Politics and the American Political Macroeconomy,” which is due out early next year.

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