Seniors Secure Positions at Global Fortune 500 Company

HIGH POINT, N.C., Jan. 24, 2014 – Two High Point University business majors have already secured positions at a global Fortune 500 company. Seniors Matt Haering and Sam Martorella recently accepted positions in Lenovo’s selective LASR program.

The LASR (Lenovo Accelerated Sales Rotation) program is a six to nine month rotation through different sales jobs to help train new sales associates in all parts of the company. Both say they were introduced to the company through HPU’s Career Services Center and the Career and Internship Expo held on campus last fall.

The two men credit the HPU experience with preparing them for whatever comes next.

“HPU’s promise of putting us into professional environments is what convinced me to come here,” explains Haering. “In my time here I’ve acquired a lot of internship and job experiences, I’ve done a combination of speeches in my classes to prepare me for public speaking and I’ve done a lot of volunteer work which has also given me the opportunity to manage people and get that experience.”

“This is a close knit community, and I have been able to thrive in leadership positions, especially through my fraternity. I am the president of my fraternity and was able to secure a position as the student representative on the national board.” says Martorella. “I’ve also really benefitted from my professors. Dr. Patricia Swafford, associate professor of management, has real-world experiences and she has been able to share that perspective with us, and tell us how things really are in the business world.”

Lenovo is a $34 billion personal technology company and the world’s largest PC vendor. It has been the fastest growing major PC company for more than four years. They also create a full range of personal technology and are the fourth largest smartphone company in the world.

“Getting the chance to meet the people who work there and learning more about what the company is all about has me really excited,” says Martorella. “The company has a culture of integrity and everyone really has a passion for what they do.”

“I wanted to work in a successful and growing industry,” says Haering. “Not only is the industry, but Lenovo is still growing in the U.S.”

This is the second consecutive year Lenovo has hired HPU seniors to join their team, through their connections with HPU’s Office of Career and Internship Services. Last year, Charlie Apter was hired onto the LASR program and continues to thrive at the company. You can read his story by clicking here.

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