Leading Lives of Service

Community service and leading responsible lives are two things January’s Extraordinary Leaders have in common.

Junior Steven Edwards and senior Ashley Prindle each have impressive resumes; they are each members of an honors society on campus, have served as student justices and are currently members of Phi Alpha Delta, HPU’s law fraternity. They’ve also taken on leadership roles near and dear to their hearts.

Edwards, a strategic communication major, says he is most proud of being elected as president of HPU PRIDE. As president, he has begun initiatives to create a safe space program with teachers on campus, is creating bonds with sister groups at UNC-Greensboro and Elon and will welcome speaker Ash Beckham to HPU in March.

“This last year, our club took big steps toward making High Point a more inclusive space for LGBT students,” says Edwards. “Working on projects like The Wedding Dress Project with the Women and Gender Studies department, speaking last year at a local middle school about the dangers of bullying and giving back to the community in terms of raising funds for non‐profits like Patriot Rovers are ways that PRIDE has really begun reaching out to the community.”

In addition to his leadership roles on campus, Edwards is currently interning with the Kay Hagan for U.S. Senate campaign. He plans to get his master’s degree in strategic communication through HPU’s 5-year program and eventually work in politics as a campaign manager.

Prindle, a double major in criminal justice and political science, has also held several leadership roles on campus, including serving as the Risk Management Chair for the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority and as president and founding member of Phi Alpha Delta. She says these opportunities have allowed her to make a difference around campus.

“Through the many leadership positions that I have held, I have been able to motivate, support, challenge and charge people to make the most out of their undergraduate career,” says Prindle. “This might mean helping them move in a more positive direction or challenging people to reach their potential and not to sell themselves short.”

Prindle is currently interning with the High Point public defender’s office. After graduation, she will attend law school and eventually become a prosecutor or work in a private law firm.

Both Prindle and Edwards say they wouldn’t be where they are without the support and opportunities they received at HPU.

“The close relationship I built since my freshman year with my political science advisor, Dr. Yanus, has allowed me to have someone who always has my best interests at heart, knows where I am going, pushes me to excel both in and outside of the classroom and, most importantly, is someone I can always turn to for advice,” says Prindle.

“At HPU I have been able to develop my understanding of my own goals in life, in a safe environment, with teachers who know how to nurture and grow students’ beliefs in themselves,” adds Edwards. “This type of education creates opportunities to expand your perceptions by experiencing new perspectives.”

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