Professor Demonstrates Western Physical Therapy Techniques in China

Eric Hegedus stands outside the main gate to the Beijing Sports University.

Hegedus stands outside the main gate to the Beijing Sports University.

HIGH POINT, N.C., June 4, 2014 – High Point University Professor Dr. Eric Hegedus, chair of the department of physical therapy, recently traveled to China to share his knowledge of injury prevention and rehabilitation with the country’s healthcare providers, coaches and competitive athletes, including Chinese Olympians.

Hegedus traveled to Beijing, Nanjing and Tianjin in China with a group of physical therapists who were invited to speak at a conference, demonstrate physical therapy techniques and treat patients from three sports universities. He also gave a two-hour talk on postoperative rehabilitation at one of the largest orthopaedic hospitals in the country.

The purpose of the trip was to help improve the diagnosis and rehabilitation of injuries in competitive athletes from the provincial to the Olympic level.

“China has a large population and as such, a large population of patients who require rehabilitation and athletes who would benefit from injury prevention as well as rehabilitation and performance improvement,” says Hegedus. “China is trying to develop and grow the physical therapy profession to meet this need.”

While in China, Hegedus also began laying the groundwork for a student exchange program between HPU and Chinese universities. The partnership would allow HPU physical therapy students to do a residency or fellowship at sports universities in Eric HegedusChina, and perhaps invite some of the country’s own M.D. and Ph.D. students to complete a research internship at HPU’s Human Biomechanics and Physiology Laboratory.

“The international experience available to future HPU physical therapy students would be invaluable to them, and they would help carry the Western-style approach to working with patients to China,” he says.

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