Sophomore Receives Prestigious Grant

HIGH POINT, N.C., Nov. 26, 2014 – High Point University sophomore Mollie McKinley was awarded the George Barthalmus Undergraduate Research grant on Nov. 22. After competing with college sophomores across the state, she received the grant to help further her research on Mary Wroth’s “Pamphilia to Amphilanthus,” which is a series of sonnets Wroth wrote in the 17th century.

A Mount Clare, West Virginia native, McKinley’s research will focus on how Wroth never gave up on pursuing her writing talents, despite the male-dominated society that she, and all women, lived in. Wroth was expected to act a certain way, as were all women in society. She stepped out of that through her writing.

McKinley will be presenting her full project at next year’s State of North Carolina Research and Creative Works Symposium in fall 2015.

McKinley gives great thanks to her mentor Dr. Laura Linker, assistant professor of English, with helping her through the process.

“She was so encouraging, and just downright helpful since I had never written or applied to a grant in my life,” McKinley says. “Dr. Linker made everything so clear.”

McKinley hopes to one day fulfill her dream of working for Buzzfeed.


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