Professor Produces Animations for PBS Digital Studios

HIGH POINT, N.C., Dec. 4, 2014 – Brad Lambert, assistant professor of new media at High Point University, recently worked on a Web series produced for PBS Digital Studios. The series, called “Pancake Mountain,” is a children’s show that combines music, puppets, animation and sketch comedy. Lambert contributed animation and music to the series.

The recent season of “Pancake Mountain” was profiled in Variety magazine, Billboard magazine, Rolling Stone magazine and the New York Times, among others.

To create the animations, Lambert used programs from the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, including Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects. To create the music and voice-overs, he used Adobe Audition. These same programs, Lambert says, are what he teaches students how to use in the classroom at HPU.

“Working on outside projects helps me stay current on the latest tools and techniques used in the industry,” says Lambert. “It also gives me more credibility in the classroom when I discuss the expectations and challenges of the professional world.”

Having worked on various programs for PBS television in the past, Lambert says he was excited to join a Web series for PBS Digital Studios.

He was also happy to return to “Pancake Mountain,” where he worked in its former incarnation as an independent cable show in Washington, D.C. In addition to numerous credits in film and television, Lambert has created several independent animated shorts, such as “Gilded Aged Gladiator” in 2011, which received numerous awards and nominations at film festivals across the country.

View a segment of Lambert’s animations on “Pancake Mountain” here:



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