5 Tips from HPU Career Expo Recruiters on Landing a Job

Sep 30th, 2015

5 Tips from HPU Career Expo Recruiters on Landing a Job

HIGH POINT, N.C., Sept. 30, 2015 – Dressed to impress with resumes in hand, High Point University students made their way through the HPU Career and Internship Expo networking with major companies that attended the event today.

Insight Global, BB&T, Furnitureland South, Northwestern Mutual, FBI, Edward Jones and Lenovo were only a few of the companies that were looking to hire HPU students. Recruiters at the event shared the following tips for anyone looking to expand their career opportunities in today’s competitive market:

1. “Always look professional,” says Melissa Newman, director of recruitment at Northwestern Mutual. “You want to look like how you want to be represented everywhere you go.”

2. “Always keep your resume and LinkedIn updated,” says Lindsey Kovich, investment professional at Vanguard. “Your resume and presence on LinkedIn and other social media outlets will be what gets you in the door for the interview.”

3. “Once the resume gets you in the door, make sure that you can shine,” says Heather Vogul, director of organizational development and leadership at Ashley Furniture HomeStore. “Be personable, friendly and open. Tell the recruiter the things that make you special and how you stand out from all of the other people applying for the same job.”

4. “Be open-minded when applying for jobs,” says Tyler Gilibride, HPU alumnus and sales manager at Insight Global. “Don’t rule anything out; if you have the opportunity to do something, take it. After a year or two in a job, you will know if that is the career path you want to take, and the experience from that job will take you far.”

5. “When you apply for a job online, follow up with the hiring manager,” says Emily Tesh, sales recruiter at Furnitureland South. “Hundreds of people apply for a single job. The people who follow up are going to stand out more.”