Students, Alum Launch ‘Zipsy’ Social Media App

Sep 01st, 2015

Students, Alum Launch ‘Zipsy’ Social Media App

HIGH POINT, N.C., Sept. 1, 2015 – Four High Point University students have harnessed the entrepreneurial spirit by combining everything their generation loves about social media into a single app called Zipsy.

ZipsyThe app is available in the App Store today. Search for “Zipsy” and scroll until you see the official icon, or visit

Download it, and you will be able to post photos with limited anonymity, but also some accountability, as well as the option to comment on photos, engage and build a following.

Zipsy is the brainchild of HPU computer science majors Reza Moghtaderi, Michael Newton, Nick Zayatz and HPU alumnus Thomas Douglas. Thanks to their previous experience building an app through an economics undergraduate research project, they were able to build something they say their peers can use to connect in new ways.

Photos posted on Zipsy have a 48-hour lifespan – meaning they disappear after two days. You can post anonymously with the condition that you have selected at least three friends to “trust” – meaning those three friends can see your identity on your posts, while others cannot. Just like friending someone on Facebook, you “trust” them on Zipsy.

“We want this app to go in a positive direction, and we believe the accountability will do that,” says Moghtaderi. “Being ‘trusted’ is also like being followed on Twitter. You want as many people as possible to trust you on the app. It’s part of the culture.”

Zispy is hosted on Amazon Web Services, the leading cloud computing platform in the industry. The project is in its infancy in a way – just two months old. But its capabilities in those two months show its potential for the future.

“We have bigger plans for the upcoming versions and will continue to add features to Zipsy,” Moghtaderi says. “This app is the fruition of the knowledge and can-do attitude that we’ve learned in our classes, from our professors and from (HPU President) Dr. Qubein. We will continue working hard and we have no plans on stopping anytime soon.”

To learn more about Zipsy, visit:  or download it via: