5 Ways the International Student Concourse Inspires Collaboration

Dec 07th, 2015

5 Ways the International Student Concourse Inspires Collaboration

It’s the setting of an international airport. It’s part of the holistic approach that helps students take flight in today’s “connection” economy, created by the myriad of technological advances of our time.

The International Student Concourse inside Cottrell Hall anchors the building’s international theme. An open-concept entryway is accented by a spiral staircase and loft design. Two stories of floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with light. The marble Polaris sculpture stands tall to represent international diversity. There’s always a constant hum of activity as students walk to class and meet with their peers.

It’s a space with limitless opportunities. Here are five ways HPU students take advantage of it:


International Student Concourse - fuselage1. Fuselage

A focal point of the concourse is the airplane fuselage – a profile of a plane’s interior, complete with power outlets for laptops, overhead storage, reclining seats and inspirational quotes that scroll through the windows of the plane.

The fuselage was designed and constructed by local companies in the city of High Point, known as the furniture capital of the world. It’s also been recognized as an innovative piece within the world of interior design, securing first place in a competition by Interior Design magazine.

Students collaborate here. Plus, they never know who they may run into here. Employers frequently visit Cottrell Hall, so grab a cup of coffee, check out the fuselage and be ready for new opportunities.



International Student Concourse

2. Glass walls/open concept

Throughout Cottrell Hall, classrooms, offices, hallways and meeting spaces are surrounded by glass walls. In a symbolic sense, the glass and open concept design convey the limitless possibilities for this generation. Students are no longer competing on a national stage; they are competing on a global platform. This open design prepares them for the modern workplace.

The world is at their fingertips. The glass reminds them that barriers are transparent and no obstacle can hold them back.



3. Study rooms and spaceInternational Student Concourse - wall graphic2

The second story of the International Student Concourse offers three group-study rooms and an open space with seating. Inside the study rooms, students come together to collaborate on group projects, develop business plans and work through assignments.

A quote on the wall outside of the study rooms reinforces the idea that students are being prepared to live lives of both success and significance.

“In a world filled with people,” the quote reads, “only some want to fly. Isn’t that crazy?”


International Student Concourse - trivia


4. International facts

International data is projected on the wall above the fuselage to encourage students to know their world. A large wall graphic of the continents outlines the three coffee-growing regions of the world.

It’s another way that HPU ensures learning takes place everywhere – even while waiting in line for coffee.




International Student Concourse - Starbucks5. Starbucks

There’s a proven correlation between coffee shops and creativity. Students experience that boost in creative energy at the Starbucks in Cottrell Hall. Whether they meet with peers to collaborate on group projects, catch up with a faculty member over a cup of Joe, or nestle in the corner table for a paper-writing session, the collaborative environment fostered here is contagious. It’s also likely they may run into career recruiters who host job fairs inside Cottrell, making this space dynamic and multi-functional.