Students Share Jewish Traditions at Hanukkah Dinner

Dec 08th, 2016

Students Share Jewish Traditions at Hanukkah Dinner

HIGH POINT, N.C., Dec. 8, 2016 – High Point University’s Jewish students shared their faith and holiday traditions with the HPU community during the fifth annual Hanukkah dinner on Dec. 5.

This year, Hanukkah begins at sundown on Dec. 24 and lasts through Jan. 1. The university holds the Hanukkah dinner for the entire campus community every year and lights a Menorah on campus as well.

During the dinner, Hillel members read the story of Hanukkah, blessed and lit the candles on the Menorah and taught those in attendance how to play dreidel.

“Seeing 1924 Prime full of students there to celebrate one of the most important holidays in Judaism brings such a huge smile to my face,” said Jordan Kenter, Hillel president. “We have been working extremely hard this year to have more participation in our organization, so having so many people there willing to be active in learning a little bit about Hanukkah is truly a joy. It is so important to the Hillel Organization to have this event every year to help continue to grow our Jewish population here at HPU.”

Students were served traditional Jewish food, including matzo ball soup and potato latkes, as they dined together and discussed the meaning of their faiths.

“The Hanukkah Celebration is a very special tradition for HPU. It has been put on for five consecutive years,” said Ron Yardenay, HPU Jewish life coordinator. “It’s marked as the foothold event that allowed for Hillel to organize and provide for meaningful Jewish experiences. The celebration’s presence on our calendar is very pronounced and we continue to look forward to it every year.”

“I am struck by the growth in leadership for Hillel—in number and in spirit. The students are eager to share their tradition,” said Preston Davis, minister to the university. “I am equally thrilled at the receptivity of students and peers who are eager to listen and learn.”