HPU Students Host Halloween Dance for Individuals with Disabilities

HPU students host a game of Halloween BINGO for community participants.

HIGH POINT, N.C., Oct. 25, 2017 – Halloween came one week early for those who took part in the annual Special Populations Halloween Dance, held at the Morehead Recreation Center last night. Organized by High Point University’s Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC), individuals with disabilities dressed in costumes and enjoyed a community dance.

High Point Parks and Recreation co-hosted the event with the SCEC. Participants and their family members enjoyed games, dancing, crafts and food in numerous Halloween-themed rooms. 

“This event is so important because all of the participants are able to be themselves, without worrying if people are looking and questioning them,” said Letithia Parker, parents of an event participant. “During this event they are with their peers, and it’s a chance for them all to come together and enjoy a party with each other.”

“The special pops dance is a one-of-a-kind dance,” said HPU senior Erin Scerra, chair of SCEC. “Since my freshman year, I have volunteered at the dance and every year the same attendees come. There are not many events in this area that are specifically for this population, and it’s great to see how this dance allows everyone to be themselves and have fun. The Council for Exceptional Children continue to host it every year because of the joy it brings to those who come.”

The SCEC is also planning Christmas and Valentine’s Day celebrations for the coming months, which will include similar activities and invite community members to come together.

From left to right, HPU student volunteers Laura Smith, Kate Horne, Caroline Hartley, Melissa Martins pose for a photo in front of a Halloween backdrop they created for the event.

HPU student Kate Horne leads a craft project for community members at the Halloween Dance.

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