Internship Outcomes: Joseph Osgood Interns at Prison Fellowship

Jun 21st, 2018

Internship Outcomes: Joseph Osgood Interns at Prison Fellowship

Class of 2020 -

Name: Joseph Osgood

Hometown: Napa, California

Year: Rising Senior

Major: Human Relations

Internship: As the media communications intern with Prison Fellowship (PF) in Lansdowne, Virginia, Osgood supports the organization’s goal to bring hope and restoration to prisoners, families and communities impacted by crime and incarceration. Osgood assists in expanding PF’s reach around the country by working with established members of the media for upcoming PF ministry projects and connecting with various media outlets in region-specific markets. Osgood also works with members of the communications team to plan for and implement upcoming media events or campaigns and assists in the story collection process.

How HPU helped you get there:“HPU encouraged me to be extraordinary and to take calculated risks. The internship I got this summer was a new challenge that I was nervous to undertake, but I chose to overcome the uncertainty because of HPU’s influence.”

How you used Career & Professional Development: “Career and Professional Development helped me prepare for my interviews and complete the proper paperwork. They also showed me how to spruce up my resume and cover letter to be as professional as possible.”

Most impactful mentor at HPU: “My biggest mentor at HPU is my sociology professor Emily Estrada. I took her race and ethnicity course, and it really opened my eyes to current issues surrounding the social justice system. I wanted to try to do my part to make an impact in that area. That’s why I am now an intern at Prison Fellowship, a national nonprofit that provides resources for those in prison and brings the gospel to over 280 prisons throughout the United States.”

What has your internship experience been like, and how is it preparing you for your future?: “Working at PF has really helped me see how the life skills and knowledge I have gained from my mentors, courses and more at HPU have worked together to prepare me for my future.”

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