HPU Students Network at Career and Internship Expo

Oct 03rd, 2018

HPU Students Network at Career and Internship Expo

HIGH POINT, N.C., Oct. 3, 2018 – With a firm handshake, High Point University students networked their way around Slane Center for its annual Career and Internship Expo on Oct. 3.

Hosted by HPU’s Office of Career and Professional Development, more than 35 employers visited campus to meet and greet with students.  

“We really want to let students know there is a world of possibilities for them after they graduate and even while they’re here,” said Dr. Bill Gentry, HPU’s director of the Office of Career and Professional Development. “Our mission is to educate and empower students to translate experiential learning to the professional world as it is going to be.”

Gartner is a global research and advisory firm that provides insights and advice for leaders in information technology, finance and human resources. Last year, the company hired 17 HPU graduates and interns. Over the last four years, about 50 HPU graduates have been hired. Company leaders believe in HPU as the premier life skills university and the growth mindset students have.

“Internally at Gartner, we look for individuals who have that will to win, motivation and drive,” said Jeff Stencel, a campus recruiter for Gartner. “And we also look for students that are very collaborative, able to work in a team environment and have that executive presence and strong communication skillset. When we come to HPU, students have that strong skillset and are very determined.”

Andy Andraos is an uptime buyer for Volvo and an HPU alumni. He believes the life skills he developed helped him come back to campus to recruit more HPU graduates.

“What I learned at HPU has helped me in my career,” said Andraos. “I was able to learn lead time, cycle time, all these “buzz words” that you hear in supply chain, and it’s been really helpful because what we learned at HPU is what we’re saying at work.”

Lindsay Kremer works in HPU’s Office of Career and Professional Development and says this event helps students in all majors network.

“It’s not just for a student who is looking for an internship or a job; it’s also for students to network with employers and learn how to network,” said Kremer. “All the employers that we bring here are excited to work with students.”

That includes a new company that joined the fair. Marlee Kayes is a recruitment team leader for TTI Floor Care North America.

“HPU does a lot more career preparation than I’ve seen at other universities, which is why I wanted to come here for the career fair,” said Kayes.

And for Brittany Snead with Mutual of Omaha, she enjoys coming back year after year to talk to HPU students.

“The quality of students that come and talk with me really know what they’re looking for in their career and are open to feedback,” said Snead. “They want to be the best they can once they graduate and start their career.”