HPU’s Stout School of Education Welcomes Children for Book Buddy Celebration

Nov 15th, 2018

HPU’s Stout School of Education Welcomes Children for Book Buddy Celebration


HPU junior Taylor Keys crafts an ornament with Star, a student from Montlieu Academy who she’s been tutoring since September.

HIGH POINT, N.C., Nov. 15, 2018 – High Point University’s Stout School of Education lobby was filled with more than 40 students from Montlieu Academy and Fairview Elementary School on Nov. 14 for the culmination of the Book Buddy Tutoring program.

HPU junior education majors are paired up with a student from each elementary school in September and meet with them one hour a week for reading exercises. The tutoring included instruction attending to fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and writing development using a variety of texts including poetry, literature picture books and informational books.

Katherine Kelly, an HPU elementary education major, helped her buddy, Rachel Manger from Fairview Elementary School, strengthen her reading skills by working on tools and techniques throughout the semester.

“I’ve been able to connect with my buddy and community, which is really important to me,” said Katherine. “It has also taught me how to use what we learn in the classroom at HPU out in the community.”

Nikki Short, an elementary education major, was grateful for the opportunity to bond with her buddy, Shamir, from Montlieu.

“This was my first one-on-one chance with a student and being able to interact directly with them,” she said. “Now, I feel like I know how to give instructions, and it’s much different than the teacher shadowing I’ve done in the past.”

Short said Shamir has been excited for the event since the first day because his older brother participated last year.

Also excited was HPU junior Zach Rezendes’ buddy, Diego Sanchez, a first grader from Fairview. Rezendes said he and Sanchez bonded quickly over reading.

“In the beginning, he had a love for reading, which was great,” said Rezendes. “The more I got to know him, I was able to make book choices that he really loved, and it was good to see how excited he was to read with me.”