The Boston Globe’s Bob Ryan Visits HPU to Mentor Students

HIGH POINT, N.C., Jan. 29, 2019 – High Point University students spent today with The Boston Globe’s Bob Ryan, HPU’s Sports Reporter in Residence, networking and learning how to write for various sporting events.

Bob Ryan taught students in HPU’s Advanced Sports Reporting class in the Nido R. Qubein School of Communication.

Ryan mentored students in sports reporting classes in the Nido R. Qubein School of Communication, where he told students that a good story begins with the fundamentals of communication.

“No matter how the message is disseminated, everything still starts with proper speaking, writing, communication and a respect for the language,” said Ryan. “Essentially, the people who succeed the best are the people who know how to communicate, and that starts inside your brain.”

Peyton Luck, an HPU sophomore sports communication major, enjoyed networking with Ryan during his visit to the university.

“It’s a great experience. I grew up watching ‘Around the Horn’ on ESPN and listening to him talk with all these great sports writers in the NFL, NBA, college basketball, college football,” said Luck. “It was a great opportunity to sit down with him. I’ve looked up to him, read his articles and watched him on TV, so getting to meet him face-to-face is an unreal experience to have.”

This is the third time Ryan has visited HPU to network with students.

“Having the opportunity to host a Hall of Fame sports columnist on a day when I’m talking about writing a game-day sports column with my Advanced Sports Reporting class, was quite a treat,” said Dr. Bobby Hayes, assistant professor of communication. “Bob Ryan is a master of his craft, and for our students to be able to gain insight about the process from one of the best is a tremendous opportunity for our students.”

Now, as HPU’s Sports Reporter in Residence, Ryan will continue to connect with and mentor students.

“It’s always good to experience the viewpoint of the younger generation, especially now because the world is moving so fast in the technological way and changing so many endeavors,” said Ryan. “In my field of communication, the difference between the ways we used to do things and the way things are done now is really startling, and so I need to get educated, too.”

Ryan has been writing for the Globe since 1968, covering all of the Boston sport teams. Ryan’s work still appears in the Globe semi-regularly.

“Mr. Ryan told us that, if you interviewed Bill Belichick, head coach of the New England Patriots, on a Sunday after a game, he wouldn’t be very open,” said Luck. “But if you interviewed him Friday after their practice, he would give details about anything you asked. So, Mr. Ryan definitely gave great insight about being able to adapt to the players, teams and coaches.”

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