Community Writing Center Receives a $25,000 Grant for New Programs

HIGH POINT, N.C., Feb. 25, 2019 – The Community Writing Center received an incentive to continue its existing programs and add new ones this year.

High Point University students help Penn-Griffin Middle School students with their writing skills at the Community Writing Center on Feb. 6.

The Community Writing Center, a partnership between High Point University and Mt. Zion Baptist Church, received a $25,000 grant from the High Point Community Foundation.

The grant will allow the center to offer a summer series workshop for adults in the city of High Point community who wish to explore and develop their writing skills. The Community Writing Center’s adult workshops will range in topics from reading with children, resume writing and interview skills. Some of HPU’s faculty are developing day-long workshops to serve adults in the community.

The new summer workshop series will be a used as a pilot program to gauge community interest in future programs.

“We are so excited because we can explore these new avenues working with a broader population in the community,” says Dr. Charmaine Cadeau, associate professor of English. “Every year it’s been exciting to see the program grow and evolve to be what it is today. The ability to add this new component to what we’ve been doing makes what we do possible.”

The Community Writing Center is an after-school program that engages children from Penn-Griffin Middle School and Kirkman Park Elementary School in reading and writing projects.

HPU students involved in service learning work closely with the children through creative writing practices, interactive exercises and homework assistance. The program is co-directed by Cadeau and Dr. Cara Kozma, associate professor of English.

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