Students Take Part in Spring Pilgrimage to Explore Worship in NYC

Mar 15th, 2019

Students Take Part in Spring Pilgrimage to Explore Worship in NYC

During a Spring Pilgrimage trip to New York City, High Point University students visited the United Nations.

HIGH POINT, N.C., March 15, 2019 – A group of High Point University students traveled to the Big Apple to take part in a Spring Pilgrimage – a week of programming that explored the intersection of spirituality and service. The pilgrimage allowed students to explore different communities of faith and faith-based organizations in New York City.

A group of HPU students visited Hillsong Church during Spring Pilgrimage.

Every fall and spring break, HPU’s Chapel and Religious Office takes students on Christian pilgrimages. Over the course of the pilgrimage, students focus on five elements: worship, service, education, discussion and touring. While in New York City, the students visited various churches for service and worship, toured the United Nations and met with other faith leaders.

“Our students volunteered at Holy Apostle Soup Kitchen to serve food and connect with people who are unsheltered,” says the Rev. Andria Williamson, manager of chapel programs. “The way we design our work to incorporate faith and advocacy is significant as it will impact our human experience and quality of life. That is what our students learned in New York City.”

HPU’s Levi Rmah says he has gained new knowledge and insights from his pilgrimage experience.

“We experienced worship services that are different from our churches back home,” says Rmah. “The tour of the United Nations allowed us to expand our horizons beyond the boundaries of our country.”

“Our students are doing all of this together as peers of High Point University,” says the Rev. Preston Davis, minister to the university. “They are growing deep, wide and together. There is no better experience as an educator and faith leader than to see our students come to life through these opportunities.”