HPU Plants Tree at Shadybrook Elementary to Honor NC Arbor Day

HIGH POINT, N.C., April 17, 2019 – Today, about 80 pre-K and kindergarteners at Shadybrook Elementary School took their classroom outside to learn about planting trees from High Point University’s Campus Enhancement team.

Matt Mahoney (left) and Patrick Gale (right), members of HPU’s Campus Enhancement team, finish planting a Purple Leaf Flowering Plum tree.

HPU landscape manager Matt Mahoney as well as Michael Beauregard and Patrick Gale of HPU’s Campus Enhancement team, joined children at Shadybrook Elementary to plant a Purple Leaf Flowering Plum tree in front of the school. Mahoney also discussed the importance of trees in honor of North Carolina Arbor Day.

“It’s great to share my passion of trees, flowers, shrubs and all that’s involved with landscaping to get students engaged at such a young age,” said Mahoney.

Arbor Day is a holiday dedicated to tree planting and increasing awareness of the importance of trees. As students raised their hands to answer questions about different fruit trees, Shadybrook teachers remembered when HPU planted trees in the past.

“Our students get a hands-on experience of what they read and hear about in the classroom,” said George Green, principal of Shadybrook Elementary. “A few years ago, we planted a tree with another group of students, and today is another opportunity to plant a second tree. These students will be able to see the tree grow as they grow throughout their years at Shadybrook.” 

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