Top 5 Lessons Steve Wozniak Shared with HPU Students

Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and High Point University Innovator in Residence, helped pave the way for the computers and technology we have today. When he returned to the HPU campus earlier this week, he met with students, faculty and staff to impart valuable wisdom he’s learned along the way. Here are a few lessons “The Woz” shared with the HPU family:


1. If You Want to Succeed, You Must First Do

“The only way you’re going to be skillful at something is if you do it over and over again and put in a lot of hours. The harder and longer you work at it, the more skilled you get. You teach yourself on the fly. It’s the way that inventors do their work.”

2. Use Every Second to Pursue Your Passions

“Yes, I worked as an engineer at Hewlett Packard, the top engineering company in the world that only made things other engineers use. But I designed Apple I and Apple II computers all on my own time. Every day, my work motivated me, and so did the social change that was possible because of these computers. I showed the design off and passed it around to others for free.”

3. Recognize Your Strengths and Stay Loyal to Yourself

“When the Apple founding team told me that I needed to leave Hewlett Packard so that I could work on Apple full-time, I didn’t like that. I was scared of running a company. I’m shy. And what I loved was engineering. So, I came back to the guys at Apple and said, I’ll be part of this but as an engineer. You have to be loyal to who you are and your talents.”

4. Choose Happiness

“I did not need Apple Computer, and I did not need engineering success to have a happy life. I measure my life based on happy moments. That’s why I spend a lot of my time telling jokes, making up jokes and learning how not to have frowns. Happiness equals smiles, minus frowns. Who is it that makes you smile? Hang around those people who make you happy. How can you get rid of frowns? One great way is to not argue. You have a logical line of reasoning and someone else can have a logical line of thinking, so you’re both right in your heads. You don’t have to worry that other people think like you.”

5. Take Advantage of Your Time at HPU

“Everywhere I go in the world, I meet people that know about High Point University, and I’m always talking about High Point. This is such a great school with such high quality and first-class programs. Look at your facilities here, and look at the cleanliness, the professionalism and the way that everyone here is concerned for you and your future. The values you will attain from being in HPU’s environment will carry over into your life.”


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