Internship Profile: Catherine Ford Uses Her Major at the United States Trade Representative

Aug 05th, 2019

Internship Profile: Catherine Ford Uses Her Major at the United States Trade Representative

Catherine Ford
Class of 2020
Delray Beach, Florida
Political Science
Internship / Job
Public and Media Affairs Intern
United States Trade Representative

Name: Catherine Ford

Hometown: Delray Beach, Florida

Year: Class of 2020

Major: Political science with a minor in communication

Internship: Ford is working for the Office of the United States Trade Representative in Washington, D.C., as a public and media affairs intern. USTR, part of The Executive Office of the President, is responsible for coordinating and developing U.S. international trade, and coordinating and overseeing trade negotiations with other countries. Within the Office of Public and Media Affairs, Ford is tasked with tracking and following media for the entire organization and for the trade representative, attending hearings and meetings with Ambassador Robert Lighthizer in a press capacity, and ensuring proper communications among various channels.

How HPU helped you get there: “HPU equipped me with helpful, always-available professors who ensured my success was a top priority. The learning environment HPU exposes its students to allows us to expand our knowledge and easily access tools that ensure success both inside and outside the classroom. I am especially grateful to the professors in HPU’s political science department, who have provided me with the knowledge I have utilized within all of my internships. The Office of Career and Professional Development is an amazing resource and helped me in finalizing all of my internship details. I was able to talk easily with my career advisor about receiving academic credit, housing options for my summer and more.”

Most impactful mentor at HPU: “Dr. Brandon Lenoir, political science and communication professor, and Dr. Martin Kifer, political science professor, have both been outstanding mentors and leaders for me within the political science department.”

What has your internship experience been like, and how is it preparing you for your future?: “My time at USTR has been extremely rewarding and eye-opening. I have learned so much and continue to learn more each day in public and media affairs, as well as the impact the United States trade has on countries around the world. After my time at the United States Trade Representative, I hope to continue to gain further knowledge of international affairs and strive to become an expert in global communication and public policy.”

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