HPU Announces Finalists for 2020 Business Plan Competition

A panel of faculty judges will virtually review materials submitted and announce winners on April 20.

HIGH POINT, N.C., April 16, 2020 – The Belk Center for Entrepreneurship at High Point University has announced 12 finalists for its 10th annual Business Plan Competition. This year’s winners will compete for up to $10,000 in start-up funds, with support provided by Truist.

The annual competition is open to all HPU undergraduate students. It includes an application round that narrows the competition to 12 teams. Judges then review the plans and hear the pitches of the finalists.

“The Business Plan Competition at HPU is a great opportunity to practice presenting the foundational elements of a business to judges and investors,” says Jared Brumm, a senior entrepreneurship major. “In addition to the real resources available to finalists that allow us to take our venture to the next level, these kinds of opportunities prepare young entrepreneurs for the high intensity environments we will dive into after graduation.”

A panel of faculty judges will virtually review materials submitted and announce winners on April 20.

This year’s panel of judges includes Steve Alberts, adjunct instructor of marketing; Scott Davis, associate professor of accounting and finance; Dr. Daniel Hall, chair and associate professor of economics; Dr. Bob Hirth, assistant professor; Dr. Jo Lacy, assistant professor; and Randy Moser, assistant professor. The students were coached by Kathy Elliott, assistant professor of the practice of entrepreneurship and director of HPU’s Belk Center for Entrepreneurship; and Troy Knauss, assistant professor of the practice of entrepreneurship.

“The HPU Business Plan Competition is a conduit for young entrepreneurs to connect with investors and has served as a launching pad for new companies over the last 10 years,” says Kathy Elliott, director of HPU’s Belk Center for Entrepreneurship. “Identifying ways to put students in scenarios that will provide experience beyond what they learn in the classroom is what experiential education is all about. Each year I am impressed with the fresh ideas and passion the students exude as they pitch their business ideas.”

The 2020 HPU Business Plan Competition finalists are as follows:

Jared Brumm

Name: Jared Brumm, a senior entrepreneurship major

Hometown: Concord, Massachusetts

Company: EZ Reach Crutch

EZ Reach Crutch is a novel design for forearm crutches that allows the user to move their arms freely in front of them, while the crutches stay standing by their side. Whatever daily task individuals need to accomplish while using crutches, they can now do it safer, more conveniently, and with greater mobility.


Bert Cumming

Nate DeTemple

Name: Bert Cumming, a sophomore accounting major, and Nate DeTemple, a pre-med sophomore

Hometown: Cumming is from East Williston, New York, and DeTemple is from Charleston, West Virginia

Company: University Wash

University Wash is a laundry service designed to be run solely by students, for students in the HPU community. Students sign up for the wash, dry and fold subscription service and have their laundry returned within 24 hours from the time it is picked up.


Billy Davis

Name: Billy Davis, a sophomore entrepreneurship major

Hometown: Mount Vernon, Ohio

Company: Word Flasher

Word Flasher is a learning management software (LMS) used to enhance the speed of content consumption, targeting children in middle and high school with attention disabilities. The product will help to close the gap between those with and those without attention disabilities, and to further accelerate learning for gifted students.


Andrew DeFeo

Name: Andrew DeFeo, a senior business administration major

Hometown: Chester Springs, Pennsylvania

Company: Memorease

Memorease is the first Life Events Management platform built to help individuals remember the moments that mean the most. The platform helps users to never forget an important life event again through its Remembrance services. Every meaningful life event can be added to a user’s memorease profile, from the birth of a child all the way through to the death of a loved one. Memorease facilitates engagement between users and their personal network making it easy to remember and send gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and other important occasions. The application provides reminders and vehicles for “Expressions of Gratitude”, to ensure users never again forget this essential interaction. Lastly, through its “Digital Legacy,” users will be able to record a lasting legacy, leaving a personal digital memory for future family generations.


Anthony Demattos

Name: Anthony Demattos, a junior computer science major

Hometown: Burlingham, New York

Company: Parking Vision

Parking Vision is a computer vision-based startup company that aims to provide real-time parking solutions to campuses across the country. Parking Vision’s mobile application will allow students to see all open parking spots on their campus. With the application, students will no longer have to look for parking. Instead, they can pull up the app to see the closest open space to them.


Caitie Gehlhausen

Name: Caitie Gehlhausen, a senior entrepreneurship and finance double major

Hometown: Cicero, Indiana

Company: CONEvertible

There are over 95 million household cats and 90 million dogs in the United States. These pets, on average, have at least two major injuries or surgeries in their lifetime. CONEvertible offers the premium alternative to the traditional pet cone. By eliminating nearly 25% of the material from a traditional cone, the CONEvertible allows your pet to see, hear and navigate better.



Matt Greezicki

Name: Matt Greezicki, a senior entrepreneurship major

Hometown: Bel Air, Maryland

Company: New Age Capital

New Age Capital develops cutting-edge trading algorithms using numerous precision time protocols to increase arbitrage opportunities within the foreign exchange, stock and cryptocurrency markets. The company is a combination of traders, programmers and data analysts working together to develop trading indicators and resources to give clients a trading edge by equipping them with more certainty in volatile markets, reducing risk and theoretically making better returns.


Corbin Elliott

Matthew Hershaft

Name: Matthew Hershaft, a senior entrepreneurship major, and Corbin Elliott, 

a senior music major with a pre-med focus

Hometown: Hershaft is from Wake Forest, North Carolina, 

and Elliott is from Salisbury, North Carolina

Company: Prohibition Chocolates


Prohibition Chocolates is a custom chocolate confectionary company that specializes in customizable truffles. Allowing chocolate lovers the convenience to choose the type of chocolate, filling for the core, and any toppings they desire through the online platform and user-friendly interface.


Jacob Maggioncalda

Name: Jacob Maggioncalda, a junior marketing major

Hometown: Mathews, Virginia

Company: Biscotti di Francesca

Biscotti di Francesca is a company founded on Maggioncalda’s grandmother’s infamous biscotti recipe. Throughout his experience of making biscotti for family and friends, he realized that there was a real demand for these traditional twice baked cookies. The product line includes original, hazelnut, and almond flavors, and while adding more that appeal to a wider audience, such as chocolate chip, M&M, coconut, cranberry and pistachio.


Lauren McAtee

Name: Lauren McAtee, a freshman entrepreneurship major

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina

Company: PawAlert

PawAlert is an application for wearable health monitors, such as Apple Watch or Fitbit, that will connect to a pendant that can be worn on any standard dog collar. The wearable technology will monitor anxiety levels and panic attacks and alert the dog through an audible sound to the pendant that the owner is having an attack. The app will come with training videos to teach you how to train your dog to respond to the alert based on the owner’s individual needs.


Mark McKinney

Name: Mark McKinney, a senior entrepreneurship major

Hometown: Pasadena, California

Company: Atmos

Atmos is an SMS chatbot platform that increases student engagement and university retention rates by accurately connecting students to mentors in a more personalized and efficient way than ever before.


Vincent Scavo

Name: Vincent Scavo, a sophomore entrepreneurship major

Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Company: Goliath

Goliath is the ultimate outdoor chair, offering a more comfortable, wider, seat built for the bigger man. Goliath is a prototype that Scavo developed at home and is soon to be trademarked and patented.


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