Top 6 Ways HPU Freshmen Jumpstart Career Development

Aug 31st, 2021

Top 6 Ways HPU Freshmen Jumpstart Career Development

Since the academic year kicked off at High Point University, students have already had numerous career development opportunities right here on our campus. Here’s a peek at the top six:

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1  Direct access to HPU’s President. 

Like all incoming freshmen, students’ career development started with the President’s First-Year Seminar on Life Skills during their first week of class. In the seminar, HPU President Nido Qubein delivers lessons on relational capitol, the art and science of persuasion, communication skills, and many more of the life skills that help ensure students chart a path for success. Reflecting on their freshman year, many HPU graduates cite the President’s Seminar on Life Skills as a catalyst for their personal and professional transformation.


2  Meeting their number one fan. 

Since their first moments on campus, students have also been meeting with their Success Coach, a professional staff member who offers guidance, wise counsel and encouragement. Success Coaches serve as a student’s life coach, university liaison and activities coordinator. They are experts in a student’s chosen field of study, but they also guide students who may not yet know their preferred major through HPU’s Project Discovery, an eight-step program that’s designed to uncover a student’s academic passion. Success Coaches connect students with faculty and staff on campus who will further their career development during and beyond their freshman year.


3  Straight from the source. 

Only two weeks into classes, HPU’s Office of Career and Professional Development has hosted twice weekly professional development workshops on various topics. Those who attended furthered their professional development by gaining insider knowledge on how to land competitive positions.


4  Connecting with global representatives on campus.

With a firm handshake, HPU students have the opportunity to connect with global representatives as they network their way through the Nido and Mariana Qubein Arena and Conference center for HPU’s annual Career and Internship Expo. Hosted by the Office of Career and Professional Development, employers visit campus to meet with students and participate in presentations.


5  Submitting applications for HPU in the City – the Remix. 

Each semester, a network of HPU alumni and parents provide mentorship and insight into career exploration during career development sessions in metropolitan areas such as Washington D.C. and New York City. Applications for taking part in the event opened during students’ first weeks on campus!


6  Research Rookies interest meeting. 

Students took part in a kick-off meeting for HPU’s Research Rookies, a program that works to incorporate students into the university’s culture of research and creative work early in their undergraduate careers. Early involvement in research or creative works at HPU helps students build unique credentials that distinguish them from the two million students they will graduate alongside and compete with for jobs or entrance into graduate and professional schools!