Extraordinary Leader: Bri Rivero, ’22

Mar 21st, 2022

Extraordinary Leader: Bri Rivero, ’22

Extraordinary Leaders are HPU students recognized for excellence and service performed inside and outside the classroom. They are nominated by faculty, staff and fellow students for striving to make a difference in the larger community. Such students lead by example, have a high regard for academic endeavors and are committed to improving our community at large. To celebrate these Extraordinary Leaders, we are regularly highlighting the students who have received this recognition.

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Bri Rivero is a Class of 2022 business administration major with a minor in sales from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Rivero started as a resident assistant her freshman year and is now an assistant resident director overseeing Greek Village. She has been a member of the Student Justice Program, Alpha Chi Omega, the Senior Leadership Cabinet and the Phillips School of Business Advisory Board. She has held leadership positions in the Student Government Association as chief justice, former vice president of Title IX for SGA, is a Student Justice and was the Dance Marathon fundraising chair for Alpha Chi Omega. Rivero will be working with Smith + Nephew in their Commercial Leadership Rotational Program following graduation.


How have you been personally impacted and changed through your experiences at HPU?

I have been impacted both professionally and personally since my freshman year at HPU. My time here has allowed me to gain leadership skills through experiences that I wouldn’t have had if I was not a part of this community, such as the High Point Furniture Market, Student Life and the Circle K club. I would not be the person I am without the help of High Point University. This prestigious university has helped me realize what my values are and how to be a strong leader in my community. I am not just a number at High Point University, but I am part of a family, which comes with support and love from professors, staff and peers. This has led me to be the person I am today and improved my ability to be independent and confident in my abilities!


If a high school student asked you why to attend HPU, what would you say?

I would tell a high school student that HPU is a school that wants you to succeed. Faculty and staff are dedicated to seeing students grow professionally and personally. HPU helps you succeed by providing endless leadership opportunities within the community.


What’s one way you generate creativity or productivity?

Creativity has been instilled in us since the beginning at HPU. One way I generate creativity is by surrounding myself with other leaders in the HPU community. When I’m with them, they enable me to think outside of the box. I am truly thankful for the resources HPU has given me through the years.


What is your favorite quote?

“Everything happens for a reason.”


What is your favorite place on campus?

One of my favorite spots on campus is the Webb Conference Center. I spend a lot of time there while working as an assistant resident director. I enjoy spending time with my staff and studying in the building. I find myself doing a lot of work with the Student Justice Program there.


What is your favorite sculpture on campus?

My favorite sculpture on campus is the eagle located outside of Smith Library. It reminds of the time when Clark, the bald eagle, flew over my class at the Convocation ceremony at the beginning of our freshman year. This symbolized the start of my journey at HPU, and it reminds me of the courage needed to be a leader. I look forward to Clark flying overhead at graduation this coming May. I hope that this experience will have the same impact on future students.


What do you love most about being a student at HPU?

What I love most is that I can serve the community around me. HPU has endless service and leadership opportunities. Through these programs, I have made long-lasting friendships. Over the last four years, High Point University has become my home away from home, and I will cherish the time I have left here.