Family Friday Staff Feature: Rachel Topper

Jun 03rd, 2022

Family Friday Staff Feature: Rachel Topper

We are committed to delivering daily on HPU’s promise to our students: At High Point University, every student receives an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment with caring people. To celebrate the caring people of HPU, we are regularly highlighting staff and faculty members.

Rachel Topper works as a graduate recruiter in the Graduate Admissions Office, where she acts as an advisor for many of our graduate programs and assists prospective students with the graduate admissions process. She has been a member of the HPU family since September 2021 and is a Class of 2020 undergraduate and Class of 2021 M.A. in Communication and Business Leadership alumna.


How do you contribute to HPU’s mission to ensure every student receives an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment with caring people?

In graduate admissions, I showcase our graduate programs’ faculty members, facilities and beautiful campus to prospective students. I’ve worked closely with faculty in the Congdon School of Health Sciences where their mission is to “prepare health care professionals for the world as it is going to be.” I share this with prospective students around the country and recruit individuals who will contribute to this mission while supporting them during the application process and helping them transition into life as a graduate student.


How do you help students develop life skills that they will use to achieve lives of success and significance after they graduate from HPU?

As a graduate recruiter, I advise students about various graduate programs and help them understand their options based on their future goals. As a graduate of HPU’s Communication and Business Leadership Program and a graduate advisor, I share my experiences and give advice to students to make an impact on their future. I love helping students, who are where I once was. I can celebrate their victories and share their frustrations while guiding them down the path that’s right for them.


What are you most excited about for the next academic year?

We’re launching A LOT of new graduate programs, so it’s exciting to be part of this growth in the graduate school. Just this year, we’ve added three new programs, and I love working with the program directors to help these programs come to fruition. There are so many new opportunities for students to continue learning and growing at HPU!


What’s one thing you want students and parents to know about HPU?

There are so many great opportunities and resources here, and there’s always someone to help guide you. From the Office of Career and Professional Development to Student Life to the Office of Admissions, we’re all happy to be a part of your future success!


What’s one way you generate creativity or productivity?

Walking around campus is my favorite way to get my mind and body moving when I need a little boost of inspiration. The flowing fountains and classical music help me refocus and get back to the task at hand.


What is your favorite place on campus?

The Café is one of my favorite places on campus because it’s such a great place to connect with people, eat and relax. I’m also a sucker for Café cookies.


What do you love most about working at HPU?

As an HPU alumna, I love being able to give back in my current role as a graduate recruiter. Sharing my personal experiences as a student and being an advisor for students means a lot to me. I also love that all the faculty and staff members are so friendly, and there’s always someone new to meet!