HPU Students Land Impressive Internships this Summer

Jul 14th, 2022

HPU Students Land Impressive Internships this Summer

HIGH POINT, N.C., July 14, 2022 – Every summer, High Point University students land impressive internships globally and nationally, giving them real-world experience. Here’s a glimpse at just a few of the companies and organizations where HPU students are making an impact this summer.

Journalism senior goes behind the scenes for NBC News

HPU Riley ManionRiley Manion, a senior journalism student from New Egypt, New Jersey, is an intern for NBC News and the “TODAY” Show’s Booking Team in NYC. He helps his team research and gather information on upcoming celebrity guests and other people who will be on the show. Manion also conducts research to find potential guests too.

“HPU has helped me so much to get to this stage in my career,” says Manion. “Not only have they given me the proper skills I need for this position, but they also gave me the courage, confidence and initiative to go for it. This internship has shown me that necessary communication skills are crucial to working in the entertainment world. Most of all, it has taught me that if you are willing to put in the work and go the extra mile, you will get the success that you once dreamed about.”

Manion credits HPU’s Access to Innovators Program and Joe Michaels, HPU’s Broadcaster in Residence and former “TODAY” Show director, to helping him land the internship in the Big Apple. Manion says Michaels has given him career advice, encouraged him through his work and helped grow his confidence in the news industry.

Senior biology student helps conservation efforts at Walt Disney World

HPU Jordan MorrisonSenior Jordan Morrison, a biology student from Loveland, Ohio, is working at Walt Disney World as a conservation education intern. She works primarily in the park’s Animal Kingdom by leading conservation programs in the Wilderness Explorer program, helping guests learn more about ecology, conservation issues and sustainability. She’s also developed conservation education pop-up stations throughout Animal Kingdom.

“The biology and education departments at HPU have both given me diverse hands-on experiences and amazing mentors, allowing me to build confidence in the knowledge and teaching skills needed for this role,” says Morrison. “Now that I’m sharing animal and environmental science in the parks with guests from around the world, my passion for sharing conservation messages has grown. This experience is preparing me for a career to inspire global care for wildlife and wild places.”

Morrison says she applied for this position because she wanted to explore educational career paths outside of the traditional classroom setting.

HPU Joe MaronskiSenior journalism student covers politics up-close for NBC News

Joseph Maronski, a senior journalism major from Miller Place, New York, joined NBC News’ Political Unit, in Washington, D.C., which supports programs across NBC News in their coverage of politics. As a political unit intern, he writes for “Meet the Press First Read” and other digital programs.

Maronski says he has covered several stories throughout his internship, including hearings, monumental Supreme Court decisions and midterm elections. The experiential learning aspect of his position has helped him grow as a journalist and person while also, developing his professional network.

“HPU helped me grow as a professional and understand how the world of journalism intersects with politics,” says Maronski. “Through the Access to Innovators Program, I have met countless impactful professionals and developed close relationships with them, allowing me to grow and use those connections throughout my professional journey.”

Last summer, Maronski interned with ABC News “Nightline.” He connected with that internship opportunity thanks to guidance and coaching from Byron Pitts, co-anchor of “Nightline” and HPU’s Journalist in Residence.

Strategic communication senior learns the ropes at Amazon

HPU Alex BouvierSenior Alex Bouvier is spending his summer working with one of the largest multinational brands in the world. He is interning at Amazon in Albany, New York, as an Amazon area manager. In his position, he leads and works with a staff of 30 associates in the outbound ship dock of a traditional non-sort fulfillment center. Bouvier and his mentor are also running analytics to conduct experiments to improve the department’s efficiency.

Bouvier says the environment at Amazon is helping him hone his leadership skills.

“I believe HPU has helped me learn critical life skills when it comes to working with others in a team setting,” says Bouvier, a strategic communication major from Exeter, New Hampshire. “I am continuing to learn leadership skills that I think will be beneficial to the clubs and fraternity I am part of.”

He says his favorite thing about working at Amazon is the fast-paced and complex work environment.

Senior gains sales experience at Gartner

HPU Ashley PetersonSenior Ashley Peterson, a sales major from Maple Grove, Minnesota, is interning this summer at Gartner in Florida as a midsize enterprise sales intern for their high-tech division. In her role, she is shadowing an account executive daily, learning how to prospect clients, and learning and executing the entire sales cycle. She also has attended seminars, networking events and team meetings to get a feel for the sales industry.

Peterson says this internship experience is helping her identify the type of sales company she would want to work in after graduating.

“The opportunities to learn and grow at Gartner this summer have been amazing,” says Peterson. “Coordinating with so many people with various strengths have helped me identify what role I want to play as a future sales professional. This role is helping me prepare for a career in sales with practice in asking the right questions and understanding all the different parts that are involved in sales from the first contact to the close.

Peterson says the sales skills she’s learned through her sales classes and the Professional Selling Club helped prepare her for her internship with Gartner.

Marketing senior interns with Cisco Technologies

HPU Morgan SmithMorgan Smith, a senior from Clayton, North Carolina, is working with Cisco Technologies this summer as a digital growth marketing intern for the Americas sector. Throughout her internship, she’s networked with experienced professionals and high-level executives. She’s currently working on creating a Degreed Digital Marketing Pathway for professionals new to digital marketing or for those who want to make the transition. Smith’s other project with Cisco is to create better communication across different marketing sectors. She’s doing this by interviewing high-level professionals on what information they want to receive from digital marketing, as well as knowing what information is useful for their team.

“HPU has provided me with the interpersonal and life skills that I need to feel confident going into my role at Cisco,” says Smith. “The marketing classes prepared me with the necessary background knowledge that served as a foundation to build upon during the internship. Also, the Office of Career and Professional Development helped me perfect my resume and interview skills so that I could land this internship with a top company.”

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