Family Friday Staff Feature: Greg Moore

Aug 05th, 2022

Family Friday Staff Feature: Greg Moore

Greg Moore has been a member of the HPU family for nearly three years and is the university’s instructional designer. He works with the Educational Technology Services team to help faculty create and improve their courses through one-on-one consultations and workshops or webinars. He also helps develop in-person workshops and online learning for faculty and staff.


How do you contribute to HPU’s mission to ensure every student receives an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment with caring people?

I try to be one of the caring people that HPU’s mission talks about. Part of that is done by bringing a positive attitude to my workplace and being proactive in helping students and faculty, wherever and whenever I can.


How do you help students develop life skills that they will use to achieve lives of success and significance after they graduate from HPU?

I partner with faculty to help them achieve their goals in their courses and sometimes to brainstorm new ways to do things. Whether it’s with the latest technology or something more traditional, helping faculty improve their courses directly impacts students and improves their outcomes.


What is a way that you contribute to students’ personal growth outside the classroom?

Although I work mostly with faculty, I always look forward to my interactions with students. One interaction I have with students regularly is during summer orientations. There, I get to have conversations with incoming freshmen about where they’re from and what their goals are. I try to offer encouragement and advice when I can.


What are you looking forward to most for this academic year?

This summer the university is changing to a new version of Blackboard. While there is a lot of work that is being done before that takes place, by the IT department and faculty, I think it’s going to be a very positive move that will allow students to more easily navigate the online portions of their classes.


What’s one thing you want students and parents to know about HPU?

Every student at HPU has a small army working to contribute to their success. There are those that are more visible to the student, but there are a ton of people that most students will never see directly. In the Office of Information Technology, for example, we have a team that maintains and improves the campus-wide network, a service desk team that helps students with day-to-day issues, computer repair services for students, classroom technology specialists and specialists that can assist with common applications students navigate. Each department at the university is ultimately working to help students succeed.


What’s one way you generate creativity or productivity?

The Educational Technology Services team is involved with a lot of creative projects that often involve things like video production, graphic design and interactive learning. These sorts of projects would be difficult to develop alone. Instead, we generally discuss our ideas as a group and the best ideas are integrated into the project. Concerning generating productivity, I’d like to officially thank the Starbucks in the Slane Student Center.


What is your favorite quote?

“No matter how just your words may be, when you speak with anger, you ruin all: no matter how boldly you speak, how fairly reprove.” – St. John Chrysostom


What is your favorite place on campus?

There are a lot of natural spaces I like on campus, but the Lakeside Gardens between Slane and Norcross are my favorite. I walk through that area a lot and it’s surprising the amount of wildlife that pass through there as well.


What do you love most about working at HPU?

What I enjoy most about working at HPU is that I get to work with some really great professionals. My team members come from different backgrounds and each bring their own knowledge and expertise to the table. I also get to interact with faculty from all departments, so I get to meet a larger group of people than most folks on campus probably get a chance to.