Family Friday Staff Feature: Matt Eaton

Sep 23rd, 2022

Family Friday Staff Feature: Matt Eaton

Matt Eaton joined HPU last summer, and has loved every minute of being a member of the HPU family. He is the makerspace and engineering lab manager for the Webb School of Engineering. he sets up safety procedures, fixes and maintains machinery, and keeps the labs, classrooms, and fabrication spaces organized and running smoothly. He also helps students with projects from designing and fabrication of prototypes. Eaton also connects with local schools, robotics teams, businesses and more, to spread the word about how great HPU’s engineering program is.


How do you contribute to HPU’s mission to ensure every student receives an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment with caring people?

This may be a small example, but when I started at HPU, I gave myself a simple challenge: Know every student by name. I currently do, but it’s a goal of mine to continue this every year as we grow!  It may be difficult, but I think it is so helpful in creating an inviting and supportive community.


How do you help students develop life skills that they will use to achieve lives of success and significance after they graduate from HPU?

This is a huge part of my job, and I love it! One of the best examples of how I help students develop life skills is through my one-on-one mentorship in students’ project development. Whether we’re designing circuit boards, 3D modeling or writing software, there are so many interesting aspects of electrical and computer engineering projects. Having worked in the industry, started a robotics company and been involved in engineering education for quite some time, I provide students with a relevant, real-world perspective that helps guide their projects.


What is a way that you provide students with experiential learning opportunities?

Electrical engineering and computer engineering are very hands-on majors. I’m so proud of the fact that each course we offer has a lab component and that I get to be a part of them! I think that hands-on engineering education through project-based learning is one of the best examples of experiential learning in the Webb School of Engineering. It’s also one that we practice and engage with students every day!


What are you looking forward to most for this academic year?

Seeing this year’s senior capstone projects!


What’s one thing you want students and parents to know about HPU?

When I first heard about HPU and learned more about the university’s mission, how they value education and the student experience, my wife and I moved across the country, from San Diego, California, to High Point, North Carolina, to be a part of HPU!


What’s one way you generate creativity or productivity?

One of the most important things I strive for every day is a never-ending enthusiasm for engineering education. I treat every question and project that our students engage in, large or small, with the perspective that it might be the catalyst that will help that student make the world a better place through engineering.


What is your favorite quote?

“Chop your own firewood, and it will warm you twice.”  – Henry Ford.


What is your favorite place on campus?

Our Makerspace and Fabrication Lab! They are where I spend most of my time and are the hub of the Webb School of Engineering.


What do you love most about working at HPU?

My engineering students! I am continually inspired by their hard work and brilliant innovations. I am humbled by the honor I have in helping shape the careers and educational journeys of future leaders in the engineering field.