HPU Family Shares Why They Are Thankful

Nov 15th, 2022

HPU Family Shares Why They Are Thankful

Every year, the HPU family counts their blessings through The Gratitude Project. HPU students shared the people and opportunities for which they are grateful, including their HPU professors. 

HIGH POINT, N.C., Nov. 15, 2022 – It’s the season of thankfulness, and the High Point University family is sharing what they are grateful for as part of “The Gratitude Project.” Through this annual campaign, students, faculty and staff document their blessings ahead of Thanksgiving.

At the Slane Student Center and the Kester International Promenade, HPU students used special posterboard, markers and photo opportunities to celebrate their gratitude for their family and friends, the HPU family, Campus Enhancement, HPU’s values, HPU President Dr. Nido Qubein and more. Some students even recognized their favorite meal on campus, such as The Silver Line Diner nachos.

When asked what they wrote down, students shared that they are thankful for specific people in their majors and throughout campus.

“I’m thankful for my HPU Success Coach because she has helped lead me on the right paths over the next four years,” said Kate Robinson, a freshman from Clinton, Connecticut. “With her help, she’s preparing me for my future at HPU and beyond.”

HPU Gratitude 2
Justin Taylor, a freshman from Charlotte, North Carolina, wrote that he is grateful for the new opportunities he’s experienced since coming to HPU.

“I wrote down that I’m grateful for new opportunities,” said Justin Taylor, a freshman from Charlotte, North Carolina. “We should take advantage of all the opportunities that are provided to us here at HPU. Coming to HPU, I’ve taken different classes, met different people and I’ve been able to explore different things I’d like to do with my life.”

“I’m thankful for the faculty and staff in the School of Arts and Design,” said Ellie Moyer, a sophomore from Tampa, Florida. “That’s where a lot of my classes are for one of my majors, and it’s a community that welcomed me from the first time I toured campus before starting school here.”

“I think HPU’s Campus Enhancement does a lot behind the scenes that I am grateful for,” said James Last, a senior from Statesville, North Carolina. “You notice the impact of what they do to make this campus beautiful. I want to make sure they feel appreciated and that their hard work is noticed.”

HPU Gratitude 3
Other students wrote that they are thankful for HPU’s values as a God, family and country school, as well as for the Learning Excellence Program, Success Coaches and their HPU community.

Many students noted that they are thankful for their loved ones and their constant support.

“My friends and family have pushed me to be where I am today,” said Crystal Miller, a freshman education major from Howard, New Jersey. “Without them behind me, I don’t think I’d see myself getting into a university like this. Being here is so amazing, and I know my friends and family are supporting me every step of the way.”

Matthew Martinez, a sport management major from Kutztown, Pennsylvania, said he is most thankful for his family.

“They’ve been my support system forever,” said Martinez. “I also wrote down that I’m thankful for the donors who support our school.”

HPU Gratitude 4
Several students noted they are grateful for HPU President Dr. Nido Qubein and how he has transformed the university.

Other students mentioned more unique things around HPU’s campus that they appreciate, like the campus food.

“We wrote down the Silver Line Diner nachos because they are the best thing you can get on campus,” said Jared Bevacqua, a freshman finance and music major. “They are unrated and unmatched here on campus. It’s something that I would say is iconic here at HPU.”