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Jason Lattier 02
Director of Caine Conservatory
Botanical conservatories serve to engender a sense of awe and appreciation for the natural world through aesthetic living displays of plants. Conservatories are a feast for the senses. Visitors can enjoy the sound of crashing waterfalls amid lush and fragrant exotic plants from around the world, all housed in soaring architecture of glass and steel. Conservatories have sparked fascination and wonder throughout their history, from the common gardener, to academics, to the royal patrons of plant exploration. The Caine Conservatory at High Point University will further this botanical legacy by bringing a new tropical oasis to campus and the surrounding Triad community.
square-foot space
square-foot glass roof
species of palms

The mission of the Caine Conservatory at High Point University is to improve the well-being of the campus community through inspirational design of our diverse tropical plant collection; to improve student education through hands-on experiences in botany, horticulture, conservation, and research; and to promote community engagement through membership programs, seasonal exhibitions, and educational workshops.

200908 Butterfly
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Butterfly Café Hours:

Menu and More

Custom Urn in Caine Conservatory Display
Ben Owen III Creates a Custom Urn for HPU
Watch the extraordinary process of how Ben brought this custom HPU urn to be.
Scarlet Powder Puff
Experience the full bloom of this beautiful plant in seconds.
Plant Donations
Want to donate a plant to add to our ever-growing collection?
Donate to the Conservatory and have your contributions displayed and acknowledged.
Interested in playing a role in the beauty of the Conservatory? Volunteer with us!
Experience the Extraordinary
Experience the Extraordinary
Get an inside look into the Donald R. & Teresa B. Caine Conservatory at High Point University.