Claudine Davidshofer

Claudine Davidshofer
Claudine Davidshofer
Assistant Professor of Religion & Philosophy
  • B.A., Philosophy and French Language and Culture, Colby College
  • Ph.D., Philosophy, Emory University

Areas of Specialization:

19th Century philosophy (especially Hegel and Kierkegaard)

History of Philosophy



Philosophy of Religion



Courses Taught:

Business Ethics

Sacred Experiences in World Religions

Medieval Philosophy and Theology

Contemporary Continental Philosophy

Political Philosophy

Philosophy of Religion


My primary research interests are in 19th Century philosophy (especially Kierkegaard and Hegel), and in metaphysics, existentialism, and the philosophy of religion throughout the history of philosophy. I focus on the themes of motion, modality, time and eternity, dialectics, the relationship between metaphysics and existence, and the metaphysical and existential foundations of the philosophy of religion.


I decided to study Kierkegaard, because he writes with unexpected irony and unrelenting humor. Any philosopher who is that funny is a philosopher worth studying. From my interest in Kierkegaard, I then backtracked my way to Hegel, and I have yet to find my way back out again, but that’s pretty much fine with me.