Matthew Brophy

210903 REL PHL 008
Matthew Brophy
Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy and Assistant Director of CITL
  • BA University of California at Santa Barbara
  • MA California State University
  • PhD University of Minnesota

Areas of specialization:

Business Ethics

Ethical Theory

Philosophy of Science

Political Philosophy


Courses Taught:

Business Ethics (including Honors, and Service Learning sections)

Science Fiction and Philosophy

Ethical Theory

Political Philosophy


I never meant to be a philosopher. As an aimless college student, I was simply intrigued by the big questions: about life, existence and meaning. Philosophy classes nurtured my inquisitive mind. After college, I landed a business consulting job – thanks to my Philosophy degree – with a Fortune 500 company. Though a promising career path beckoned, my thirst for knowledge motivated me to pursue graduate school instead.

In graduate school, I studied the philosophy of science, and moral philosophy, merging the two in my dissertation. I also had the fortune of working with Norman Bowie, a pioneer of business ethics, who inspired me to specialize in the field.

Science Fiction and Philosophy is a seminar I love to teach, in which first-year students are introduced to philosophical ideas through the science fiction lens of short stories, films, games, etc.

My publications include essays in Pop Culture & Philosophy volumes, such as Inception and PhilosophyAvatar and PhilosophyEnder’s Game and Philosophy (pending). My business ethics publications include “Bumfights and Care Ethics” and “Spirituality Incorporated: Including Spirituality in Business” (pending).

I feel fortunate to work at HPU, among stellar faculty, in an academy committed to 21st century education.