Dr. Peter Gal – Pharmacy Pharmacy

Dr. Peter Gal – Pharmacy

Dr. Peter Gal is the associate dean for academic affairs in the School of Pharmacy. He used his expertise in caring for critically ill newborns to be the first pharmacist to create a full-service practice for this specialty in the U.S. He has previously worked with a spectrum of health professionals and has also served […]

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Dr. Joy Greene- Pharmacy

Dr. Joy Greene is a clinical professor of pharmacy as well as the assistant dean of the School of Pharmacy. Greene is an expert on a variety of topics such as medications, weight loss, anxiety, depression, diabetes and more. She has previous experience in opening and managing pharmacies in Cabarrus County and Stanly County. Greene recruits and networks with hundreds of […]

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Dr. Jordan Smith – Pharmacy

Dr. Jordan Smith, assistant professor of clinical sciences, is aware of the growing demand for pharmacists who are capable of complex patient care in a collaborative medical environment. He has developed expertise in infectious diseases pharmacy research, and he has also developed his clinical pharmacy acumen. Smith can speak about the graduate pharmacy coursework he […]

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