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The Center for Entrepreneurship fosters innovation and supports business ventures, advancing the entrepreneurship program offered by the Earl N. Phillips School of Business to the next level of excellence. It supports new emphases on entrepreneurship, sales, management and marketing. The Center breeds collaboration and creativity. The curriculum is fluid as it remains apace with current business trends and needs. Students learn new venture concepts using real-world scenarios based on the Center’s interactions with the local business community and its noted professionals. Action plans for the Center’s activities include:

  • granting actual funds for start-up businesses owned by students
  • providing experiential learning opportunities
  • offering guest speakers from HPU’s extensive alumni and friend networks
  • working on projects for local businesses
  • supporting and training students to succeed as they enter business competitions
  • performing marketing research and designing marketing plans

Kathy Elliott 2015 CROPPED

Kathy Elliott
Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship
Assistant Professor of the Practice of Entrepreneurship


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