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Major in Sales

From a recent sales competition, sophomore Olivia Royce is shown in her award-winning two-minute speed selling presentation.  Her performance exemplifies the professional training that the PSB Selling Program provides to help students achieve a successful career in sales.  Olivia Royce Presentation

The major in sales focuses on preparing students to work for some of the most exclusive companies with long term career potential. As a sales major, the student will have access to the state-of-the-art Harris Sales Education Center in Cottrell Hall, where he/she will learn how to create deep and mutual trust through empathetic listening, product expertise, and customized presentation skills. The student will gradually build confidence with practice experiences in class; in recorded role-play exercises; and in front of peers, professors, and visiting hiring managers. The student will cultivate the critical knowledge and core competencies needed in a competitive, complex, and dynamic marketplace. Completion of courses in the sales process, negotiation, and sales leadership, as well as opportunities to compete in the Business Plan Competition, will help students learn to perfect their business skills.

Professional Selling Program

The Professional Selling Program is located within the Harris Sales Education Center at High Point University. The mission of the Professional Selling Program is to provide students with the tools and experience to significantly improve their value to the selling profession, to showcase the excellent talent of our students and to give employers a compelling choice of a source for recruiting motivated and qualified new sales talent. The Sales Training Center is the hub of the sales program’s development, direction and activities. It offers:

  • Role-play labs – individual facilities for sales call role-plays that are uniquely furnished to create a realistic corporate buying environment using digital recording with live streaming to judges’ viewing rooms
  • Meet and greet facilities
  • Meeting rooms
  • Judges’ viewing rooms
  • Interview spaces
  • Sales classrooms

The Professional Selling Program gratefully acknowledges the contributions and support of our corporate sponsors for the academic year 2019-20:

Gold Sponsor:
Gartner, Inc.

Silver Sponsors:
Tom James Company
Mutual of Omaha
Nutanix, Inc.
Triumvirate Environmental

Purple Sponsor:
GE Healthcare

Selling Club Goals

We believe that every student should learn how to sell as a basic life skill. Accordingly, Selling Club membership is open to all students in every discipline. The goals of the Selling Club are to prepare students to:

  • Learn and perfect the skills that differentiate top professional sales executives
  • Showcase their talent on the national stage
  • Network with company recruiters and executives in meet and greet events
  • Interview to receive job and internship offers
  • Compete annually in three major intercollegiate sales competitions
  • Represent High Point University with pride and dignity and be recognized as extraordinary

Selling Competitions

HPU’s Selling Club attends multiple-day selling competitions, featuring live tournament-style student sales role-play competitions, networking opportunities and a sales-exclusive career fair. Corporations contribute large amounts of money to be one of many sponsors of these events, allowing them to receive contestants’ resumes in advance and come prepared to seek out candidates for job and internship opportunities. The record of success of the HPU Selling Club members is impressive.

100% of Selling Club competition participants

received job or internship offers from the competitions.


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