Earl N. Phillips School of Business

Global Commerce Minor

The Earl N. Phillips School of Business offers two options in international business:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) Degree in International Business
  2. Minor in Global Commerce

The International Business major emphasizes international business, international economics and other global courses, combined with in-depth language study in either Chinese, French, Italian, or Spanish.

The global commerce minor also focuses on international business, international economics and other global courses, but emphasizes language training to a lesser extent.

The minor in global commerce is designed to prepare the student for being an international manager, or for running a domestic business in a globalized world.  Students also gain insights into social and global problems.  Coursework prepares students for entry-level positions in many business and government organizations and is excellent preparation for graduate study in business, government, or law.

Requirements for a Minor in Global Commerce

(20 credits, 2019-2020 Catalog Year)

  • ECO 2030.  Principles of Macroeconomics (4)

Choose four courses from:

  • BUA/GBS 3100.  Global Business (4)
  • ECO 3035.  Economic Growth (4)
  • ECO/GBS 3460.  International Economics (4)
  • ECO/GBS 4430.  Comparative Economics (4)
  • MGT 4050.  Global Logistics (4)*
  • MKT 3750.  International Marketing (4)**
  • MKT/GBS 3850.  Marketing in Spain (4)**
  • PSC 2710.  International Relations (4)
  • One different pre-approved study-abroad course in international business (4)

*MGT 2220 and MGT 3280 are prerequisites for MGT 4050.
**MKT 2110 is a prerequisite for MKT 3750 and MKT/GBS 3850.

NOTE: BUA/GBS 3100 and MKT/GBS 3850 are part of the study abroad program.


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