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Scott A. and Shelby Tilley of High Point, pictured below in the Trading Room, have generously donated $250,000 to High Point University to support the Trading Room in the Plato S. Wilson Commerce Building and to honor his late father, W. Allen Tilley, and his mother Nancy C. Tilley.

tilley photo 1

After passing through the impressive foyer of the Plato S. Wilson Commerce Building, one’s eyes are drawn to the windows of the trading room which is named, “The W. Allen Tilley Trading Room.” Students in this classroom feel as though they have stepped into a Wall Street investment trading room as they receive real-world, practical hands-on experiential learning opportunities. The trading room supports teaching and research with state-of-the-art technology including:

  • sophisticated live financial databases such as Standard & Poor’s, CRSP (affiliated with the University of Chicago’s graduate business program)
  • investment software
  • a stock ticker that lines three of the walls
  • 26 dual monitor stations
  • perimeter digital displays providing financial data from all over the world
  • world clocks

Not only will finance and business students utilize the trading room, but any student who is interested in investing can join the Floyd T. Craven Investment Club and participate in investing “real” money. As with all classrooms on the HPU campus, the teaching technology is top notch with projection and sound systems functioning in tandem with computers, DVD player, and document camera.