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The healthcare industry is now the largest sector of the American economy, accounting for 18% of the GDP.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics has forecasted a 20% increase in healthcare management/administrative jobs over the next five years.  This equates to 231,000 new healthcare management jobs being created in a five-year period.

A minor in healthcare management will help students interested in the healthcare industry develop value-added skills in healthcare organizational structure, policy, finance, and strategy/operations.  The minor emphasizes learning the ins and outs of modern-day healthcare organizations emphasizing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare.  Students focus on the high-level theoretical concepts that impact all healthcare workplaces.  In addition, they zero in on specific job skills needed to effectively run a healthcare organization.  The minor addresses:

  1. The structures of various healthcare organizations in order to understand organizational dynamics and strategies.
  2. The forces that shape healthcare systems, including public, private, and social influences.
  3. How financial issues play a role in healthcare administration, including how third-party payers factor into the system.
  4. Ways to navigate working within and between many healthcare sectors so that patients and employees are still the priority.
Minor in Healthcare Management
Minor in Healthcare Management
Minor Requirements Credits
Total 20
Requirements for Minor in Healthcare Management
Requirements for Minor in Healthcare Management
Course Course Title Credits
MGT 3600 Introduction to Healthcare Management 4
MGT 3620 Leading and Managing in Healthcare Organizations 4
MGT 3640 Healthcare Delivery: Systems and Policies 4
Select at least 8 credits from the following list:
BUA 3050 Business Law 4
ECO 2050 Principles of Microeconomics 4
MGT 3200 Project Management 4
MGT 3400 Work Teams in Organizations 4
MGT 3500 Service Management 4
Course Descriptions