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Marketing Minor

Requirements for a Minor in Marketing (20 credits, 2019-2020 Catalog Year)

  • MKT 2110.  Principles of Marketing (4)
  • MKT 4400.  Marketing Management (4)*

Choose three courses from the following:

  • MKT 3180.  Marketing Communications (4)
  • MKT 3200.  Consumer Behavior (4)
  • MKT 3300.  Marketing Research (4)
  • MKT 3600.  Sales in Dynamic Environments (4)
  • MKT 3750.  International Marketing (4)
  • MKT/GBS 3850. Marketing in Spain (4)
  • MKT 4100.  Social Media Marketing Strategy (4)
  • MKT 2881/3881/4881.  Special Topics (4)

*MKT 4400 has a prerequisite of MKT 2110 and two other MKT courses.

NOTE: MKT/GBS 3850 is a study abroad program.

Marketing Department Provides Unique and Valuable Experiences!

Students at High Point University who were enrolled in a unique marketing class during the spring semester had the chance to see their hard work in action at Vann York Toyota. The class – Advanced Marketing Communications for Planning and Implementation of Traditional and Social Media – served as an independent study for 20 students, says June McDowell-Davis, adjunct faculty member at HPU who taught the class. The goal of the class was to use social media to help keep and attract customers and build the Toyota brand for Vann York Toyota.

“We examined their web site for user-friendliness and students completed extensive research about the company,” McDowell-Davis says.

As part of the project, students examined different forms of social networking and created YouTube videos, story boards for television commercials, print advertisements for magazines or newspapers, and posters for the showroom. They also made recommendations for radio spots and gave a formal presentation of their ideas to Vann York Toyota.

The course provided students with a real-world approach to marketing, and while there were no real “tests” in the class, the students’ work was evaluated on team assignments and the final presentation.

“The students said they loved it because it was like working in the real world,” McDowell-Davis says. “They had to support all of their recommendations with research.”

In the end, students received not only a copy of their project to take with them but also praise from the executives at Vann York Toyota.

“Toyota was extremely happy with the project. They said they will even likely produce the commercials,” McDowell-Davis says. “They took our recommendations and have actually implemented some of the ideas already.”

Toyota Marketing Project

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