Gift Request

All schools, departments, and student organizations desiring to give tangible personal property or monetary gifts should submit a gift request through the form below. The gift request will be reviewed by the Vice President of Financial Affairs. If the Office of Financial Affairs approves the use of the funds for the requested gifts, the Office of Communications will review the requested gift type, proposed branding and selected vendor. In order to make the greatest impact and best use of University funds, the Office of Communications may deem an item in the current gifting inventory to be more suitable than ordering a new gift. If the Office of Communications has an item that is accepted by the department, the department will be charged a per piece price through monthly allocations prepared by the Business Office.

If approved for additional gifts beyond the University gifting strategy, consider the following questions when choosing an item:

  1. Can the item be used in a way that it will reach an audience beyond the individual recipient? (A t-shirt can be worn for anyone to see, where a paperweight will never leave the person’s office.)
  1. Is the quality and appearance of the item consistent with the word “extraordinary”?
  1. Does the item have a value or will it be seen as a trinket of little value?

In the event the Office of Communications approves the purchase of a gift directly by the department, they will provide the department with some guidance on an appropriate gift and then instruct the department on how to select an approved vendor and place the order through Unimarket. The branding of the item will be approved when the vendor submits the item through our branding partner, Affinity Licensing.

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