“High Point University offers a cutting-edge graduate program in athletic training. Our curriculum represents what is most current in clinical practice and is based on research to ensure that our students are providing the best evidence-based care to their patients.”
The HPU Advantage
Cadaver Storage
Gross Anatomy with Hands-On Cadaver Dissection
Students have the opportunity to learn about the human body beyond the traditional classroom through advanced coursework in gross anatomy with hands-on cadaver dissection. Learning anatomy with real cadavers is a true advantage for students at HPU. Cadaver dissection creates an active learning environment that deepens students’ understanding of the human body serving as a critical foundation for the assessment and diagnosis of sport-related injuries.
190625 Biomechanics 0103
Research Experiences in the Human Biomechanics and Physiology Research Laboratory
Students have opportunities to participate in faculty-mentored research experiences in the Human Biomechanics and Physiology Research Laboratory. The research experiences are an interdisciplinary approach to research and education that attracts and integrates students, faculty and clinicians from diverse professional backgrounds, experiences, and scientific perspectives in the degree programs in Athletic Training, Exercise Science, and Physical Therapy. With a primary focus on injury risk and prevention, these research labs foster a collaborative environment to support both faculty and student initiated activities that strive to reduce injury risk and improve the health and performance of physically active individuals of all ages.
Clinical Rotations
Clinical rotations provide students with the opportunity to put what they have learned in the classroom into practice with actual patients. With more than 30 clinical sites in the High Point region and beyond, students get to experience firsthand the injuries and illnesses they have learned about and become an integral part of the patient care team working side-by-side with certified athletic trainers, physicians, and other healthcare providers. Our students and alumni attest that the wide variety of clinical rotation options allow them to broaden their professional network and gain experiences that align with their career goals.
Athletic Training Canto
Clinical Decision Making Courses
Clinical decision making courses facilitate integration of clinical experience, patient values and the best available evidence in providing patient care, determining effectiveness of athletic training services, utilization of healthcare informatics, and the role of quality improvement initiatives within practice settings.
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Interprofessional Environment
The Congdon School of Health Sciences is committed to fostering an interprofessional environment where students from multiple health professions programs learn how to function as a team to ensure the best patient-centered care. This team approach includes students in athletic training, physical therapy, physician assistant studies, and pharmacy. Our goal is to prepare healthcare professionals who can use their individual expertise yet work collaboratively achieve optimal patient outcomes.