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HPU career counselors often share their knowledge and experience with news media on how to best prepare young professionals for the real world. Eric Melniczek, career advisor in the Office of Career & Internship Services at HPU, was recently featured on Wallet Hub in a story about the best cities to start your career. In addition to many N.C. cities ranking high on the list, Eric’s valuable advice is below.

What should recent graduates look for in an industry? 

Recent graduates should look for industries with a high demand for their skills. In addition, some industries are very popular in certain cities in the country. Therefore, it might be wise to relocate. Recent graduates should conduct multiple informational interviews with industry professionals to gather relevant information about particular industries. 

Do you have any tips for turning an entry-level job into a long, successful career? 

There are several tips we provide to recent graduates regarding turning an entry level job into a long and successful career. First, pay attention and actively listen to your work supervisor. Your job as an employee at the entry level is to make your work supervisor look good in the eyes of his or her work supervisor. Next, over deliver. Be sure you are delivering extraordinary results at your company and ask for additional work assignments after completing your assigned tasks. Last, identify influential and respected people in the company. Treat them to lunch or coffee. Pick their brain and ask them how they got to where they are in the company. 

What is the biggest career mistake that young people make? 

Attendance and punctuality is one of the biggest career mistakes young people make at the start of their career. You can possibly be late to class or miss an organizational meeting while you are a student; however, you need to impress at work and that means arriving to your office in advance of your assigned shift and staying at work until after your assigned shift. Take one hour for lunch if that is what is offered. Manage your time effectively at work.

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