HPU Named Charter Member of Survey Research Transparency Initiative

HIGH POINT, N.C., Jan. 29, 2015 – High Point University’s Survey Research Center (SRC) became the 20th Charter Member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) Transparency Initiative. The new initiative encourages organizations like the SRC to share important details about how they collect and interpret information about their research projects.

“We are very pleased to have High Point University’s Survey Research Center as one of the Charter Members of AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative,” says Tim Johnson, chair of AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative Coordinating Committee. “This marks them as a leader in the effort to encourage transparency in the reporting of research methods, which will enable the public to make more informed judgments about the quality of social research being reported.”

The SRC’s well-known HPU Poll has always released crucial information about how it conducts its research, but membership in AAPOR’s new initiative confirms its commitment to transparency.

Before approving the SRC’s membership, AAPOR reviewed proposed releases for the HPU Poll.  To continue to be part of the initiative, the HPU Poll will report the required information on materials it distributes and posts on its website.

Required information includes who conducted and funded the poll, how many people were contacted, if they were surveyed via a landline or cell phone, whether they were from the general population or a targeted population, and what questions were asked, along with other details.

“High Point University’s Survey Research Center is excited to become the 20th charter member of AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative,” says Brian McDonald, assistant director of HPU’s SRC and the HPU Poll. “This initiative provides our industry with straightforward guidelines to report study methodology. This helps standardize the information we release about our studies, making it easy to understand and interpret.”

Other members of the AAPOR Transparency Initiative, include The Washington Post, Pew Research Center, the Gallup Organization, RTI International (Research Triangle Park, North Carolina) and other prominent academic, research consulting and media polling organizations.

More information on AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative is available at http://www.aapor.org/AAPORKentico/Transparency-Initiative.aspx.

For the SRC and HPU Poll, further results and methodological details from the most recent survey and past studies can be found at the Survey Research Center website at http://www.highpoint.edu/src/. The materials online include past press releases as well as memos summarizing the findings for each poll since 2010.

You can follow the HPU Poll on Twitter at http://twitter.com/HPUSurveyCenter.

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