Freshman Profile: A Passion for Communication

Feb. 9, 2016 update: Engelman was named one of the “The Top 30 College Moguls In The US You Need To Know About in 2016” by Mogul, an award-winning technology platform for women worldwide. She was named alongside other “College Moguls” from many prestigious universities including Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Stanford, Duke and others.


HPU’s newest cohort of students represents a wide variety of academic achievement, service, backgrounds, cultures and geographic locations. Below is a snapshot of a student whose passion for communication and media landed her a spot in HPU’s selective Media Fellows program. 

Name: Mandy Engelman

Hometown: Pinehurst, North Carolina

High school attended: Powers Catholic High School in Flint, Michigan

Accomplishments: Engelman is a Presidential Scholar and a Media Fellow at HPU. Her lifestyle blog,, focuses on embracing what makes a person truly unique. She’s been named one of The Prospect’s 2015 Top 20 Under 20, has done creative work and consulting for MTV Insights and Seventeen Magazine, and is a top blogger for the bSmart Guide website.

MajorStrategic Communication

Why you chose HPU: “It just felt right. I stumbled upon HPU online in 7th grade but my first visit to campus was during my sophomore spring break. Driving up to the university’s front gates, I immediately knew there was no other school for me than High Point. The small class sizes, extraordinarily kind professors, staff and students, the familiar surroundings, the jaw-dropping campus, and the school being only an hour from my house are all reasons why I fell in love. However, the inspiring environment that makes me so eager to learn was what sealed the deal.”

What you’re looking forward to at HPU: “From joining different clubs and studying abroad, to taking challenging classes and rushing– I am most looking forward to escaping my comfort zone. I am also excited to participate in service projects on and around High Point’s campus. But most of all, I cannot wait to see what opportunities the Media Fellows Program and High Point bring my way!”

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