Top Places on Campus to Study

Mar 05th, 2019

Top Places on Campus to Study


You’ve been hitting the books hard! You’ve likely already had a few late-night study sessions in your dorm room this semester. After all, your dorm is a natural, convenient place to study. But sometimes, studying there can be difficult; it’s a lot easier to get distracted by roommates, television and your bed when you’re within arm’s reach of them all.

If you’re looking for an alternative space to study –  both year-round and during the toughest days of the semester like midterms and finals – here are five great options on campus:


Wanek School of Natural Sciences

The new Wanek School of Natural Sciences building welcomes everyone who enters to a bright, open space that provides students with collaborative study areas. On all sides, the floor-to-ceiling windows provide natural light, the high ceilings reflect the open opportunities available through scientific study and the designs mimic the nature of molecules in the five layers of the Earth. As students study, they are surrounded by an intentional environment that encourages them to perform well and be the best they can be.


International Student Concourse

Cottrell Hall

For group study sessions, Cottrell Hall has many options. There are nine conference rooms for larger study groups, and three smaller study rooms in the upstairs International Student Concourse. There’s also the Think Tank, where you can write your ideas on the dry-erase tables and walls, and the airplane fuselage which offers comfortable seating and convenient power outlets.




Slane Student Center

Like the Wanek Center, the Slane Center offers numerous spaces to study. Once you get your caffeine fix at Starbucks, take a seat on some of the brightly-colored furniture and plug in your laptop to the furniture’s built-in outlets. Natural light floods through the atrium above. And if you’re feeling tired, take a jog around the indoor track to get your blood pumping again.


R.G. Wanek Center

Some study best with a steady buzz of activity in the background. If that sounds familiar, the Wanek Center is the place for you. The Great Day Bakery lobby has a few fireplaces to keep you warm, while the upstairs Farmer’s Market provides a great after-hours study option.

However, if you’re looking for a quiet place to study, the Learning Commons on the third floor of the Wanek Center is a must. There’s a minimal amount of talking, plenty of comfortable chairs and a meeting room if you need to work on a group project with your peers. Bonus: big bay windows in the Learning Commons offer great views of the sunrise if you’ve been up all night or need to start studying early.


Nido R. Qubein School of Communication library


Nido R. Qubein School of Communication

The library on the first floor of the Qubein School of Communication is another alternative. You can cozy up next to the fireplace or claim one of the solid oak tables. Upstairs, there are a few tables and chairs on the second floor lobby that offer a great vantage point of the Wilson School of Commerce.



Congdon Hall

HPU’s newest academic building provides an innovative environment and the inspiration needed to reach your highest potential. Whether it’s tabletops found at the base of the 40-foot DNA sculpture that anchors Congdon Hall’s lobby, or a comfortable seat overlooking the building’s state-of-the-art biomechanics lab, you’ll find the brightly lit, modern learning environment welcoming during long study hours.



Smith Library

Smith Library

With 24/7 hours and three floors of space, the Smith Library is a great resource. Need to read up on a subject? There are 250,000 physical volumes in the stacks, 350,000 eBooks and streaming content, and more available through interlibrary loan. Need help with a certain topic or writing a paper? The Office of Academic Services is located upstairs. There are also plenty of tables with computers available as well.