Internship Profile: Jennifer Evens Grows Her Communication Skills


Name: Jennifer Evens

Hometown: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Year: Class of 2020

Major: Communications with a focus in journalism

Internship: Evens is serving as the Communications and Graduate School Enrollment intern at Piedmont International University. She is working directly with graduate students by engaging through tours, phone calls, and live chats. I also assist with the marketing and public relations team for assigned projects.

How HPU helped you get there: “I love how every HPU faculty member that I’ve worked with has helped me through every hardship I’ve faced. HPU has many different resources that helped me sharpen up my skills so that I can be successful in my field. The Office of Career and Professional Development has been one resource that is invaluable during my time at HPU.”

Most impactful mentor at HPU: “Dr. Doug Hall in the Office of Career and Professional Development is a tremendous mentor to me! Every little fear and anxiety that I have always disappears after speaking with him. He has helped me map out my future goals as well as send me links to internships he thought would be a good fit. Dr. Hall helped me in my application process and bolstered my confidence after being shot down numerous times. After he looked over my resume, he told me how my resume could look better for what I was applying to. He has sent me emails to check in on my internship experience. In fact, he was the one who helped me find my current internship. I feel that if I never spent the time to meet with him, I would still be submitting a flawed resume to these companies that I desired to work at.”

What has your internship experience been like, and how is it preparing you for your future?: “My internship is fun, informative and I gaining real-world experience! I am getting an in-depth look at the marketing side of a university, as well as using communication skills to speak with prospective students.”


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