The Top 5 Things You Should Know About 1924 PRIME and Alo

Jul 31st, 2019

The Top 5 Things You Should Know About 1924 PRIME and Alo



You’ve just landed an interview with your dream company and realize it will take place during dinner at a nice restaurant. Are you ready?

As an HPU student, you will be!

While some colleges provide an etiquette class during a student’s senior year, HPU provides students with four years of enhanced career preparation inside 1924 PRIME and Alo, HPU’s immersive fine-dining learning labs.

1924 PRIME and Alo exemplify the holistic, values-based education that High Point University provides. Here’s a peek at the Top 5 Things You Should Know About 1924 PRIME and Alo:


1. It’s a learning lab.

In the New York Times article “How to Hire the Right Person,” employers say that taking a candidate to lunch or dinner is one of the most revealing and important components of the hiring process.

1924 Prime and Alo expose students to business and social etiquette, global culture and international cuisine. Students learn to engage with others while using professional etiquette, and the experience puts them at ease in a formal setting.

While a weekly visit to PRIME and Alo are included in student dining plans, reservations are required. And, no cell phones are allowed! During their experience, students learn the importance of fully engaging with others. The caring, knowledgeable staff inside PRIME and Alo guide students through proper table etiquette.



2. It introduces students to new cultures.

Each month, PRIME and Alo are pleased to showcase the cuisine and culture of important international or regional destinations as part of the Cuisine & Culture Series. Examples of nations and regions featured in the Cuisine & Culture Series include:

Indian; Germany; Ethiopia; Japan; Brazil; Spain; China; Great Britain; Thailand; Central America; Caribbean; Mexico; Australia; Turkey; Italy; Vietnam; Morocco; Argentina; South Africa; Russia; New Zealand and Ireland.




3. Primed for success: Students credit PRIME and Alo for workplace achievement.

Whether it’s taking a client out for dinner or meeting with a potential employer, HPU students are prepared. During internships and once they’ve begun their career, students often reflect and realize the positive impact of PRIME and Alo on their life skills development.

“During a second-round interview held over dinner for a competitive internship, I was sitting next the company’s president who asked me questions like, ‘Tell me about the last time you failed.’ I had to answer those questions in a professional manner while I ate, and my HPU education came full circle.” -Ally Pratapas,’20

Ally Pratapas, ’20

“During my internship, I’ve already had multiple lunch and dinner outings with my bosses and co-workers. HPU has equipped me for that tremendously with 1924 Prime. While dining at Prime, I’ve learned proper etiquette skills and expectations for a professional business meal. I feel very comfortable and prepared!”
-Emily Segalla, ’20

“After receiving my job offer, I was invited to attend a new hire reception in Atlanta. I knew I had the manners and know-how to socialize and eat appropriately thanks to luncheons at HPU and my experience in the learning lab of 1924 Prime.
-GR Dulac, ’19, Deloitte

4. PRIME and Alo host the “Professional Brand Series.” 

1924 PRIME and Alo host a life skills development program alongside the Career and Professional Development Office, faculty and industry professionals. The series propels students forward on their professional journey. Sessions include:

    Tips and techniques to navigate the new interview location of choice for employers – the restaurant.
    This series instructs students on what (and what not) to wear for a positive first impression and beyond.
    Students discuss and discover the importance of motivation, personal initiative, coachability and other skills employers say they need most in new hires.
    Students are presented with effective strategies to grow their career to c-suite level.

5. PRIME and Alo are home to a variety of special events.

With more than 150 Jewish students, one well-established Jewish tradition on campus is the annual Hanukkah dinner held inside 1924 PRIME or Alo. The event is hosted by HPU’s chapter of Hillel – the largest Jewish campus organization in the world. Participants dine on matzo ball soup, potato pancakes and jelly doughnuts known as sufganiyot all before lighting the menorah.

Another student-favorite is Tea Time hosted by HPU First Lady Mariana Qubein. Also held during the holiday season, students are invited to fellowship over tea with both Dr. and Mrs. Qubein. They are treated to an assortment of hot teas, festive cranberry sparkling cider and a variety of pastries inside 1924 PRIME or Alo.