15 Most Instagramable Places on HPU’s Campus

Aug 24th, 2019

15 Most Instagramable Places on HPU’s Campus

We asked some HPU ‘grammers for their pick of the most Instagramable spots on our campus. Now we’ve got major HPU wanderlust. We thought, why not share?


1. Larger-Than-Life HPU Letters

HPU pride radiates from these giant, purple letters that stand 12-feet tall, 6-feet deep and are crafted from stainless steel. Located next to the Slane Student Center, you can’t miss this essential photo op for everyone on campus.




2. The Pop-Up Art Wall

This wall outside of the Slane Student Center is ever-changing. It dawns colorful art with inspiring messages, and it’s the perfect photo op. Pro-tip: Catch it on your way to the Slane Café or Starbucks.





3. The Fluttering Butterfly Sculpture

One of HPU’s newer eateries, the Butterfly Café, is located in the Caine Conservatory. It offers students a beautiful dining location surrounded by gardens and this unique moving sculpture flutters above the outdoor breezeway.




4. Roberts Hall

This is the original, iconic symbol of High Point University. Looking out over Roberts Hall Lawn, this is easily the most recognizable building on campus. It has also served as the backdrop of graduation for generations of HPU students. Pro-tip: The sun sets behind Roberts Hall—providing some stunning shots!




5. The Qubein Arena

The Qubein Arena and Conference Center is a hub of excitement and activity. As home to HPU’s Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams, you’ll feel the roaring energy and HPU pride of students at game time. The arena also hosts major concerts and community events to look forward to. Snap a photo for the memories to come!





6. Historical Sculptures Lining the Kester International Promenade

Have you ever wished you could have your photo taken with Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, William Shakespeare or Martin Luther King Jr.? Well, now you (almost) can. These are the worlds original influencers, and they line the Kester International Promenade in the form of bronze sculptures.



7. Kinetic Sculpture of Prowler the Panther

You’ll find HPU’s mascot holding a spinning basketball upstairs in the Qubein Arena and Conference Center. With a seat for you beside him, Prowler is basically begging you to capture this picture-perfect moment!





8. Atlas

Its proper name is Olympic Strength, but around here it’s called “Atlas.” This statue features Atlas holding an Olympic globe, which rises 35 feet in the air. The entire sculpture weighs over seven tons and is sure to make a great photo. Pro-tip: If you’re touring HPU, look for this photo op at the end of your visit because it’s right next to the Wrenn undergraduate admissions building, where your tour will end!



9. American Flag Display

This giant American flag display is located on the second floor of the Qubein Arena and Conference Center—you won’t miss it! It celebrates HPU’s values and represents how faith, family and patriotism are woven into the fabric of campus life. Pro-tip: Include your parents in this one by having your tour guide snap the pic!




10. The DREAM BIG chairs

This is a campus landmark that you can’t miss. The Dream Big Chairs are rocking chairs that stand 16-feet tall on top of the hill in Hayworth Park. You can climb up in them, spread your arms wide and take photos of yourself embracing what these chairs represent: the opportunity to dream big and embrace what life throws your way—confident and unafraid.



11. Tree of Knowledge

This classic at HPU is located in front of Roberts Hall and is another symbol of HPU’s commitment to an extraordinary education. Pro-tip: Snap a photo here during these milestone moments: the day you visit, during your freshman move-in and then again in your cap and gown on graduation day. #TransformationTuesday ✅ #FlashbackFriday ✅




12. Double Helix

The larger-than-life DNA Sculpture is located in Congdon Hall. The 220,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art health care education facility shines from floor to ceiling with innovative lab spaces and technology all around. Caption suggestion: HPU is in my DNA!




13. Cottrell Amphitheater

It’s hard to beat this amphitheater sunset, but this photo favorite is a must-get no matter the time of day! Take your place at the top of the amphitheater stairs and use this breathtaking view of Cottrell Hall as your backdrop.





14. Choose to be Extraordinary Wall

The Qubein Arena and Conference Center is filled with Instagrammable features—but this mosaic wall is a must. Made of 6,000 photos of HPU family members, the wall represents the transformation of the university. When you choose HPU, you Choose to be Extraordinary!



15. David R. Hayworth Park Waterfall

This waterfall is in the center of campus and serves as a place of solitude, reflection, fellowship and natural beauty. It’s used for outdoor concerts, student meetings and occasionally even classes. It’s a tradition for students to place their hands in the David R. Hayworth Park waterfall to bring good luck for the year ahead.