Internship Profile: Taylor Arthur Interns for Oracle

Jul 10th, 2021

Internship Profile: Taylor Arthur Interns for Oracle

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Taylor Arthur
Class of 2022
Charlotte, North Carolina
Internship / Job
Product Marketing-Tech Intern

Name: Taylor Arthur

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Year: Class of 2022

Major: Marketing

Internship: Arthur joined Oracle as the product marketing-tech intern in Austin, Texas. Her tasks included mastering the internal workings of marketing processes such as the foundations of conducting a webcast from beginning to end. This opportunity also offered her proficiency in software applications like Endeca and GMSS Portal.

How HPU helped you get there: “HPU has provided me with access to innovators that I would not have found myself in a room with so early in life. For example, my freshman year I was a part of a Q&A with Marc Randolph for my Business Fellowship cohort and got to hear him answer questions that we crafted ourselves. I’ve noticed how much I have grown professionally when I recognize how comfortable I feel in interview settings or when it comes to speaking to my strengths and areas of improvement. Through my involvement on campus, I have been a leader in different capacities and know I’ll bring what I’ve learned abut interacting with others to future opportunities post-grad. I’ve used the Office of Career and Professional Development to hone and craft documents such as my cover letter and resume. I’ve attended Fast Friday events that have assisted me in better understanding the transition from college to career as well as how to properly curate my LinkedIn, which were a great help. I was able to gain a clearer understanding of where my best fit is from exploratory assessments like pathway U, which are offered through the office too.”

Most Impactful Mentor: “Dr. Oliver Stoutner has been my most Impactful mentor at HPU. He is always available to offer an ear or guidance when I’m making decisions and was a wonderful professor when I had him for my freshman year Principles of Business Management Course.”

What has your internship experience been like, and how is it preparing you for your future?: “My internship with Oracle has been empowering and eye-opening. As an intern, my projects include creating campaigns for North American events, analyzing event metrics,  and utilizing marketing automation tools. The tasks I’m working on will be widely seen and eventually culminate with me leading our August customer-facing event meant to increase knowledge of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure products. It’s especially exhilarating, because I’d have seen it through from its inception. The unconditional support from my Oracle mentor Marcie, is affirming and is preparing me to meet the challenges as they come. As interns we have regular Brunch & Learns to interact with Oracle leaders from various pillars. These sessions provide opportunities to see everyone’s contributions to the organization from a macro-perspective. Looking forward, this experience has served as a reminder to bring my full self to work. I’ve identified what I desire in terms of company culture and feel that I’m on a more definitive path when it comes to identifying my place in marketing too. My internship wraps in August and I’m so excited to see what comes of my projects!”

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